6 Weeks


Well today is officially 6 weeks and 2 days!! There is a little bit of a belly there to see!

Our baby is now the size of a blueberry and is continuing to grow rapidly. Baby P’s brain cells are forming at the rate of 10o times per minute. The kidney’s are ready to begin their work, although they haven’t yet. The baby’s mouth and tongue are forming and the arm buds are separating into hand, arm and shoulder, and foot, knee and leg segments. Apparently Baby P’s limbs look more like paddles though.

As for me – physically – I’ve been feeling alright. I have up and down days. Thursday was a down day for sure. I was achy and nauseated. I worked all evening and was just exhausted afterwards. This weekend was exhausting as well. Sunday the nausea kicked in quite a bit, especially in the morning. I was feeling sick before I even got out of bed and I felt sick until mid day. Mr. P thought I was having some serious issues and said I didn’t look like I felt too well. I also tend to feel some waves of nausea in the late evening as well. Other than that my chest is still growing like mad and I’m still making trips to the bathroom every 90 minutes!!

Emotionally – I also have good and bad days. I’ve been pretty stressed about the future and about Mr. P leaving. His leave date has been moved and I’m worried that they will move his return date back. Baby P is only due a few weeks after his return date and I don’t want to go through this all alone. I need him here with me and I want him to be here to share it. He told me that it’s a very emotional experience and that he will probably cry!!! Awwww. I really need to be with him when it all happens.

Mr. P has been doing well too. He’s been reading one of the new books that we picked up. He’s also taken an interest in making sure that I’m eating correctly. He’s made it a rule that I have to have a smoothie in the morning. He thinks (after Sunday) that if I don’t I get weird!! It’s nice to see him interested in what’s going on in my body and how our baby is doing. He said he’s feeling like he needs to nest. On Saturday he said he wanted to go out and buy something for the baby and on Sunday he said he wants to start moving things out of the office and get it ready to start on the nursery.

Every Sunday night Mr. P and I read the next week’s information from What To Expect When You’re Expecting so that we know what Baby is going through in the upcoming week. It’s nice to share this and to be able to think about what’s going on inside me! I’m looking forward to moving forward and continuing to grow.

I’ve spoken with my insurance company and my deductible is only $750. The coverage for maternity care AND the hospital is 90%, so hopefully things won’t be overly expensive. My doctor and the hospital he delivers in are both in network! I also have a few other things to look into to get ready, but I feel a lot better knowing that we really only have to pay $2,000 or so. Hopefully. I can handle that.

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