Baby’s First Gifts


Well it is official. Baby has it’s first gifts!
Mr. P and I had dinner with his sister and mother (the future Auntie and Grandmother) and they were lovely enough to bring us gifts! The blanket it really, REALLY nice and soft and will go great with the bedding and nursery theme that we have selected. We also received an elephant teether that makes a crinkling sound (which apparently babies love). Mr P. pulled that out of the bag and had the most bewildered look on his face. It was priceless. And Baby P has it’s first article of clothing as well. The little elephant onesie is awesome. It’s a thermal material and will be great for the chilly winter nights!
All in all – it was a little bit surreal to be opening baby gifts. Mr. P said it perfectly – “So it’s actually real now”. And it is. We really have to go through this all now.
After the gifts we went out to dinner and had a good time. It was nice to actually be able to talk about everything going on with someone other than Mr P. And honestly, our stress level has gone down a lot now that we’ve told all of the parents (including mine).
Both of my parents took it well! My Dad was a little bit giggly and asking all sorts of questions. I imagine it’s odd for him to hear that his baby is having a baby! My Mom was a little bit surprised at first, but seems excited about it now. She said that a baby is worth celebrating regardless of the circumstances, and that was REALLY REALLY nice to hear. I’m glad that she’s supportive and excited about being a real grandmother (not just a step-grandmother!). She’s already planning her trip out here in August!
If you couldn’t tell – Mr P’s mother and sister are SUPER excited as well. So it’s fantastic that we have so many people behind us who are supportive and ready and willing to help (especially with Eric’s deployment). They will be the closest “family” I have around while he is away, and will probably be taking me to the hospital if needed before Mr P comes back or before my Mom arrives.
So for today – life is good. Baby is good and I’m not feeling too sick at the current moment. We are looking forward to the future and feeling less stressed. We are finally beginning to enjoy this pregnancy and our little Dectron. 🙂

THANK YOU HEATHER AND LAURA!!! The gifts are GREATLY appreciated!! Thank you so much!

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