7 Weeks


So we are at 7 weeks. Not much of a change really. You would never know that we’re pregnant, unless you were looking for it, because it certainly doesn’t look like it! I am still feeling sick, mostly in the evenings now. It’s pretty annoying. I’ve found that peppermints and ginger ale really help. I’ve also been having trouble with eating lately. I’m hungry and I know I want to eat, but absolutely NOTHING looks or sounds good to eat! I can stand in front of our fully stocked fridge or pantry and not be able to find anything that I want! It’s really, REALLY annoying.

Baby P is growing like crazy. Hands and feet are emerging from the arms and legs, even though they look more like paddles. Baby P has doubled in size from last week and is definitely the size of a blueberry. Baby P is still considered an embryo and has a small tail (but that’ll disappear in the next few weeks). Baby also has eyelid folds that are partially covering the eyes (which already have color!) and both hemispheres of the brain are growing. The appendix and pancreas are in place. The liver is producing red blood cells until the bone marrow takes over for this.

All I can say is that I’m definitely feeling pregnant now! Between the nausea, the fatigue and the constant need to use the bathroom I’m going crazy! I haven’t been overly moody though, which is nice. Mr P has been really supportive this past week and is constantly asking how I’m feeling and doing.

This past week I also joined 24 Hour Fitness finally. I’ve known I need to be working out, but now I have a real reason to! I’d like to be able to return to pre-pregnancy size quickly and easily after Baby P’s arrival. I was also lucky enough to be able to schedule 3 personal training sessions for only $99. I get the $99 back at the end of the 3 months too! The trainer is fantastic, her name is Shayna. She has researched and knows what I can and cannot do while pregnant and that puts my mind at ease.

I’ve also been reading a LOT about prenatal yoga (since I already do yoga a lot anyways). I’d like to find some information on prenatal yoga and preparing for natural childbirth. Although I’m not sure about natural childbirth yet, this is the way I’ve been leaning. I still have a while to decide and things may change by then, but I’ve always felt that I wanted to deliver naturally.

So the past week has been busy for us, between the first appointment and first gifts, along with telling all of our families. I’m looking forward to a more normal, relaxed week coming up.

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