8 Weeks


Well we have finally arrived at 8 weeks!!! It seems like 7 weeks took forever, so I’m excited to be to the big 8 now! I’m currently down in Texas!

Baby P is still growing like crazy! Fingers and toes are poking out from the arms and legs, although they’re still webbed. Baby P has almost complete eyelids! There are breathing tubes from the throat to the lungs that are forming. And guess what?! Baby P’s tail is almost gone! Brain development is crucial right now as well – nerve cells are branching out to connect to one another, forming primitive neural pathways. Baby P is now the size of a kidney bean and a little longer than a 1/2 inch! Growing so quickly!

I’ve been feeling alright! Last week on Tuesday I’d finally figured out what I was craving – MEXICAN food! I wanted guacamole and mexican food, so I spent the evening cooking. Well unfortunately – the next morning I couldn’t even STAND to think about guacamole and I still can’t. Even just writing about it now turns my stomach. Otherwise I feel alright throughout the day. I have some small bits of nausea, but a peppermint or ginger ale generally helps! And as long as I eat small snacks and meals throughout the day I’m alright.

I drove down from Colorado with Leigh on Sunday. It was a 12 hour drive and much easier than I expected. It was really long, but I didn’t feel sick hardly at all and I never once had to ask to stop to use the restroom. There was one 5 hour stretch that was kind of difficult, but I made it through!! I was exhausted by the time we reached Texas. The only restaurant in Balmorhea is a mexican restaurant (of course!!), but I was able to eat some enchiladas. I had to keep Mom’s guacamole away from me though!

Over the next week I will be touring the ranch and hanging out with my Mom and Leigh! It should be tons of fun! I’ll post some pictures over the week for you all!

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