9 Weeks


YAY!! We have reached the third month! The second month took forever so it’s nice to be into the 3rd month and be closer to the second trimester. There isn’t a big change physically. Hopefully in the coming weeks it’ll be more obvious. If you didn’t know there was a baby in there, you wouldn’t be able to tell at all!!

It has been a busy week for both baby and Mr P and I.

Baby P will go from the size of a large grape to the size of a prune this week. WOW. Baby has also graduated from an embryo to a fetus! All of Baby’s essential body parts are in place, but will continue fine tuning in the coming weeks. The heart has divided into 4 chambers and the valves are starting to form. Teeth are also forming under the gums, as well as taste buds. The tail is gone and fingers are starting to become more detailed. The muscles are also kicking into gear and Baby P can move (although still too tiny for me to feel it). Apparently if you press on my tummy and accidentally touch Baby P, he will move away from it. The external sex organs are also in place, but still too tiny to see on an ultrasound. Eyes are fully formed, but the eyelids will remain fused shut for another 15 weeks or so. The placenta is also taking over all of the hormone production and baby is ready to start putting on weight!

As for me – morning sickness shouldn’t be called morning sickness. At least for me – it’s mostly afternoon and evening sickness!! As long as I eat several small meals and snacks throughout the day I feel alright. The waves of nausea are quite annoying though. Other than that I’ve been doing fairly well. I need lots of naps throughout the day and I have to go to bed early.

Mr. P has been having a great week as well. While I was in Texas, he was in California for work. We were both glad to be back in Colorado and back together again. He took the first ultrasound picture with him and that just made my heart melt! He is really starting to come to terms with Baby P and it’s making things a lot easier for me! His command also told him that if they’re held over longer while deployed they will allow him to come home for 2 weeks around our due date! That totally made my day! That means I won’t have to go through this all alone and I’m so thankful for that!

We have our next prenatal appointment in a week. It will be the only appointment that Mr P is able to attend, so I’m going to request an ultrasound just for him. I want him to be able to see a live ultrasound and hear the heartbeat. And this time I need to remember my camera to take video of everything!
We are looking forward to the next month and getting things ready. We are going to get some things done in the nursery before Mr P leaves, so he can be a part of it! We’ve been to Babies R Us to look at things and decided on what we like and dislike.
I’m just looking forward to not feeling so sick in the next few weeks!

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