New Baby Gear


So Mr P and I got excited about Baby this past weekend and went to Babies R Us. Mr P originally wanted to buy a crib and start to set up the baby’s room, but I like to research too much for that. So we ended up coming home with a portable crib/nursery center to leave in our room when the Baby is first born. It’ll be much easier than stumbling to the nursery in the dark and the middle of the night. It has a little changing station, a bassinette, a music center and a mobile with monkeys too! It’s adorable! Once Baby P outgrows the bassinette we can use it as a portable crib to take with us when we are visiting family and even downstairs in the family room. I’m sure we will get plenty of use out of it over the first few years. We also picked out a car seat and stroller and we know what we like in cribs too.

My Mom has also informed me that she will be sending us the bedding set that we like in February! YAY! I’m excited that things are starting to come together! Hopefully we can set some things up before Mr P leaves, so he can be a part of everything!

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