10 Weeks

Well yet again – not much of a physical change. It’s more obvious at night, but it’s basically all water that you can see!!!

Most of baby’s organs are formed, but will continue to develop. The liver has now taken over production of the red blood cells from the yolk sac. Tiny nails are starting to form on fingers and toes (that are no longer webbed). Arms and legs can bend and baby’s hands are folded over the heart. Aw. The spine is visible through baby’s translucent skin and spinal nerves are starting to stretch out from the spine. The head is also about half the size of Baby right now. Baby P’s brain is quite large!! In the next few weeks baby will double in size to 3 inches!! WOW.

I’ve been feeling alright too. The nausea still comes and goes. Mostly I’ve just been exhausted ALL DAY LONG. It’s hard to get up and be active all day, because by the time I’m home I just want to sleep! And the worst part – when I do get to sleep all I do is DREAM. And not short, nice dreams, I’m talking BIG, LONG, EPIC dreams ALL NIGHT LONG! I don’t think I get more than 10 minutes of sleep without dreaming. They typically are very active and detailed too, so I wake up just as tired as I was when I laid down! This is pretty darn frustrating.

Over last week Mr P and I had discussed some name ideas, but I’m going to keep them a secret for a bit! We have decided that if it’s a boy we will use Mr P’s middle name (James) and if it’s a girl we will use my middle name (Helene). This is really important to me because Helene is a family name. It’s my middle name, my Mother’s middle name and HER grandmother’s name. I think it’s really beautiful and classic. Well we’ve been having trouble coming up with names that go well with it (my Mother had the same problem). One night while lying in bed Mr P and I had been talking about it and couldn’t think of much. Well it turns out that both of us had ended up going to sleep thinking and dreaming of the same name!!!! So it’s definitely going on our list – but it will remain a secret!!! Sorry!!

This week is busy for us. We have our second prenatal appointment tomorrow. Mr P will be able to attend this one and he’s very excited to see the ultrasound and hear the heartbeat. Mr P’s mom will also be joining us! I’m excited to see an ultrasound that is more than just a little blob and actually looks like a baby. I’m planning on taking my camera to record the ultrasound and the heartbeat so that everyone can see! I should have it posted tomorrow night!

On Thursday we are going to try and attend a tour at the hospital, since Mr P won’t be here for the childbirth class. He wants to see the hospital before he leaves. We’ve also looked into other classes that would be beneficial for us to take in the next few weeks too.

I’m also going to spend the afternoon moving furniture out of the second bedroom so we can start to get things ready! Sorry this is such a long post – there is just so much to share this week!!!


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