10 Week Ultrasound


YAY!!!! We had an ultrasound today and I got video of the HEARTBEAT and Baby’s MOVEMENTS!!!! It was absolutely amazing!! Baby got all kinds of jumpy and started bouncing around for a little bit!
Mr P came along, as did his mom and it was enjoyable. It was really touching to get to see the baby so closely. Baby was facing right towards us so we were able to see both arms and legs and a straight on face shot. The doctor said that everything looks PERFECT so far! Which is great to hear!
Our date is still August 30th, even though baby was measuring a little bit ahead. We’re already expecting a large baby, so this is no surprise! 3.5cm long so far and growing so quickly! It’s amazing!
It was really odd to sit there and see all of this on the screen and realize that it was actually going on inside me. What a surreal feeling. I couldn’t believe that this little baby was bouncing around like crazy and is already an inch and a half long! WOW. How absolutely amazing.
I’ll post pictures from the ultrasound here in a bit.

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