12 Weeks



Sooooo, I’m totally late on this one, and I’m super sorry about that. The past week has been insane!! Between our engagement and wedding, we’ve just been so busy.

I’m a little bit sad to say that for the first time since we found out about being pregnant, Baby was not the first thing on our minds. We were just so focused on family coming down and getting everything together that we weren’t talking about Baby P the entire time.
However, I was starting to feel a lot better!!! The nausea has become less frequent and my appetite is slowly returning (except for the mexican food and guacamole). You really can’t tell that I’m even pregnant. I’m still so tiny and skinny. I haven’t been feeling as bloated lately either, which is nice. I’m even starting to get the little bursts of energy that I’ve heard so much about in the second trimester! I have been having a few more headaches than normal. I’m also starting to have some difficulty sleeping, although I’m not sure if that’s because of the baby or the anxiety.
Baby is continuing to grow and grow and grow. Baby P is now the size of a peach and has reflexes!! Dectron can flex fingers and toes and clinch the eye muscles! The sucking reflex is also starting to become natural to Baby P. The intestines are also moving from the umbilical cord into the abdomen and if I press on my abdomen the baby can squirm away in response.
Sometimes I sit around poking at my belly just to see if I can feel anything. I know it’s still way too early, but I can hope right? Mr P is always yelling at me not to poke the baby in the head! I’m also able to feel the outline of the uterus now and it’s fairly hard and definitely growing. Although it doesn’t feel the size of a large grapefruit to me just yet.
Other than the wedding and the engagement there really hasn’t been much going on since the last post! It’s been a busy week, but I’m so happy!
Look for pictures and our wedding story coming shortly! Also, I’m going to try to find a clip to explain where Dectron 7 came from, so look for that too. Expect this blog to become more of a family blog now that we are married.

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