13 Weeks


Soooo, once again I’m a little bit late. But at least I have pictures this week!!! Not that you can see any difference from the 8 week pictures anyways.

I don’t feel like I’m gaining weight at all. I really don’t even look like it! Sometimes I wonder how our little lemon is even in there!! I’m feeling alright lately. The cravings have hit. I like sweet foods. Chocolate moussecake, cheesecake, poptarts….anything that’s sweet and chocolaty I like. Although – I am starting to have more of a regular appetite now, which Eric is loving! The nausea hasn’t been too bad (it’s a little bad at the moment), but it’s more of a motion sickness type nausea now instead of the constant queasy feeling. I really hope I’m not one of those unlucky women who has worse morning sickness in the second trimester. That wouldn’t be very nice of the little one.
As for Baby – a big week! Baby has fingerprints, even though her skin is still semi-translucent, they’re there!! The body is starting to catch up to the size of the head and total, baby is about 3 inches long. If it’s a girl she has all 2 million eggs in her ovaries already!
We have had a busy week here at home. Between getting used to being newlyweds, preparing for baby and preparing for deployment things have been busy! We spent most of the week making sure that we are prepared for deployment. There is a lot of paperwork to turn in at the Air Force and Army bases and a lot of running around to do. Mr P still has a little bit of packing to do and we are trying to enjoy all of the time we have together.
I’ve been busy working on getting a new position at work too. There is an HR Executive Assistant position available and I applied for it. It is a Monday thru Friday 8-5 position and it doesn’t require a uniform (the best part!!!). I’d be working as the assistant to the Director of Human Resources, and she’s actually really cool! I have a little interview today and I already completed the computer testing. So keep your fingers crossed for me!
On Wednesday, Mr P and I went to Target and purchased a crib and changing table. I’ll post pictures here in a bit. I was able to get out the bedding and I love how it looks with the crib.
We have a doctor’s appointment next Tuesday. I don’t think there is going to be an ultrasound but I’m seriously considering asking for one since it will be the very last time Mr P will get to see one in person. Plus – I want to see the little one bouncing around again.
The week ahead is going to be rough, but I will do my best to stay on top of the updates. Hope everyone is doing well!!

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