14 Weeks


**Pictures coming soon – for real this time**


We officially enter month 4 and the second trimester today! And I couldn’t be more thrilled!! I’m ready to have some energy and I’m ready to stop feeling so sick. This is supposed to be the month where the pregnancy glow starts and I’m ready for that too.
Over the last week I have felt a surge in energy, although I still feel like I need a nap in the afternoon and I’m still going to bed early. In fact last night I fell asleep on the couch and Mr P had to wake me up to suggest that I go upstairs to bed. I’ve also been having some nausea over the weekend and it’s taken me a few days to figure out why. Even if I just eat a very little bit I feel full and then I feel full for hours and I get nauseated. I thought it was movement from the baby, but I’m pretty sure it’s just my digestive system slowing down and making me sick. I’m going to try sleeping a little bit more upright and sitting with my head and shoulder raised when I’m on the couch (instead of all the way down). Hopefully this will help out a bit.
Other than that I’m feeling pretty good. Still not really showing, but I think I’m starting to pop a little bit. At least now when I wake up in the morning my tummy isn’t completely flat!! It amazes me that my little lemon is in there still. Apparently my uterus is the size of a grapefruit and I have no clue where it is! I feel like an idiot sitting around poking at my tummy trying to find the outline of it. I guess I’ll ask tomorrow at the doctors office.
I’m also not sure if we should get another ultrasound tomorrow or not. It’s Mr P’s last appointment before we go and I’m sure he will want to see the baby again, but you never know. I’ll talk to him about it today for sure. Plus – I kinda want another video of the little one moving around!!!
As for Baby – still growing and still maturing. Baby P can now move facial muscles to squint, frown and grimace and may even be sucking his thumb. The kidney’s are producing urine and will continue to do so until birth. Baby is now 3 1/2 inches long. Over the week the baby’s arms will become proportional to the baby’s body and the body is continuing to become more proportional to the head! The lanugo (fine, downy hair) is beginning to grow to help keep the baby warm and protect him. Whew – baby is busy this week!
Now – you may have noticed that I almost always refer to the baby as a he. It’s not unintentional but for some reason it just seems to fit better. From the beginning Mr P and I have felt that the little one was a boy. I’ve had dreams about boys and girls, but the most recent was about a little boy. For some reason looking into the future I see Mr P and I with a little boy. Of course we’d be happy with a boy or girl, but I think I’ll be more surprised to find out we have a little Princess on the way! Guess we will know for sure in another 4 weeks or so!
The past week hasn’t been that busy – just got our crib and changing table. Next big purchase will be the dresser and the mattress for the crib. We’ve really just been preparing for Mr P’s departure. I’ve been doing pretty well, until we started having going-away parties. Those were a little bit rough. I went to church on Sunday and church was kind of rough too. Guess I’m still learning how to be strong for both myself, the baby and Mr P. Most of all I’m just scared. But I know in my heart that everything will be ok and things will be back to normal before we know it and our little one will be here!!

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