15 Weeks

>LOOK!!! Pictures!!! But still no belly!! And those are totally not stretch marks in the last photo…just marks from itchy pregnancy dry skin!! I WANT A BABY BUMP! I’m getting a little irritated that I don’t have one…although I guess I shouldn’t complain right? Hmmmm, well sometime soon. Enjoy the pictures!

Ok so you’ll have to excuse the lack of pictures over the past few weeks. I guess I just haven’t felt like taking them because I don’t think I look pregnant at all. Still just a little pudgy, but no belly yet and it has me wondering if there is even a baby in there at all!! I will do my best to take some pictures this week and maybe we’ll be able to see a little difference.

We’ve reached 15 weeks. It’s been almost 3 months since Mr P and I found out about the little one. A lot has changed in those 3 months too!! We’ve gone from surprise to not believing it was real to a few tears to excitement!! Mr P and I are both thoroughly excited about the little one now!! We can’t wait for baby’s arrival (because that means Mr P will be home too!!!!).
If you hadn’t noticed the ticker, Mr P has officially left for deployment. It’s been 5 days since he left and I’ve had good and bad days. I spent the weekend in Denver at my Dad’s house and I felt really good while I was up there. Once I got home and was just hanging out in the empty house the reality started to hit and I’ve been feeling a little bit lonely. I know it’ll get better, it’s just taking some getting used to.
I’ve been feeling alright. It kind of depends on the day. The indigestion has gone away for the most part. I’m still feeling a little nauseated in the morning when I’m laying down, but it goes away pretty quickly. I’m still exhausted (but I’m not sure if that’s because of the pregnancy or Mr P’s departure). My neck has been killing me lately. It’s full of knots and I can’t seem to sleep in the right position to make it better. I think I’m making it worse. Oh and sleeping doesn’t really happen anyways. When I do get a few hours of good sleep it’s plagued by epic dreams and I wake up just as tired. I have had a few days where I’ve felt energetic though!!
Oh and the most annoying new symptom – shortness of breathe! I totally thought this wasn’t going to happen to me until the 3rd trimester, but boy was I wrong. I get out of breathe from walking across property at work. Doing anything remotely active is so much more difficult and energy draining!! I guess it’s just because so much blood is going to the baby now!
Baby P is working on breathing skills right now. The baby sucks in amniotic fluid through the nose and the upper respiratory tract to continue developing the lungs. The legs are continuing to grow and are now longer than the arms. All of Baby’s joints are working. Even though the eyelids are closed, the baby can now sense light! So if I shined a big flash light on my tummy it would move away from the beam! Oh – and tastebuds are forming too! Within the next few weeks the baby will be able to hear sounds outside the womb. Although they won’t be clear, Baby will be able to hear noise.
Other than that not much has gone on this week! I finally purchased something for the baby. It’s just a small little book I got from church called “The Story of Jesus”. It’s a very, VERY basic overview of the Bible, but I thought it was really cute!
Sometime this week I have to go over to the hospital and get blood drawn for some sort of screening that tests for Downs Syndrome. Oh that’ll be fun, right?! We also have less than a month until our big ultrasound when we find out the gender!!! We will see! Then we can really start to purchase things for the little one.
So it’s been an eventful week and I’m ready to move on and to get into a routine and get this deployment over with!!! Once it’s time for Baby’s arrival, it’ll be time for Mr P’s return! It’ll be a great month! Guess we’re counting down until then now!

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