The Cutest Baby Stuff EVER!

>Sooo I did a little bit of shopping today. All bargain shopping of course. I came home with some great stuff! I haven’t bought a whole lot for the baby, so I’m just taking little steps right now. First the book and now this stuff.

I took my first trip to Ft. Carson alone today. I wanted to go to the PX and to the Commissary. At the PX I took a little while and looked through the baby section. They don’t have a lot of gender neutral clothing, so I ended up with these little stocking caps! They’re wonderful and they’ll look good on a boy or a girl! They’re supposed to fit up to 6 months, but we’ll see how big Baby P is!

I went to Gordman’s too. It’s a nice discount store (and they have some sweet stuff there). They have GREAT deals!! I got 4 onesies at $3.99 a piece! That’s fantastic! They are completely adorable too! Two of them are 3 months, one is 6 months and one is 9 months, so Baby P will be set to go for a while! I had to show pictures of the front and back because the back is what makes them so cute!! Check them out!

So it was a really good day for me and Baby! I’d really like to be able to feel Baby P move, but I know it will happen within the next few weeks! I’m just so impatient!! I want to feel it NOW! Oh well. Soon enough the little one will be bouncing all over the house. I guess I should enjoy it right?

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