Baby is doing Somersaults!!

>I had the weirdest thing happen in bed this morning!

I was laying down watching TV with my computer resting on my tummy. I felt a weird tightening in my lower abdomen and it continued to get tighter and tighter! Usually my uterus is solid, but not rock hard and after the tightening it was ROCK hard!
It lasted for about 30 seconds and afterwards the left side of my stomach was soft, but the right was still rock hard! There was a raised little bump on the right side of my uterus about 4 inches long!!
After some reading on the internet I decided it had to be a braxton hicks contraction, but I was still worried about the bump! Well I’m pretty sure the little bump was the baby!! The little one must have just felt like curling up on the right side of my uterus!
This is the first time I’ve felt any movement and it felt completely different than I imagined! I poked at the bump on my tummy for a little while and eventually it went away – awwwwwww. I’m sure the little one will be doing somersaults in the future.
I was just really excited and needed to share!!

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