New Outfits!


While at Burlington, I spent a long time searching through the layette section for clothes that are gender neutral. There was some cute stuff, but also some stuff that was just NOT adorable. I ended up with 4 different sets and I love them ALL. They’ll work for a little boy or a little girl and they’re all within the 0-6 month range. This first set is three little onesies and a bib and they all have to do with Noah’s Ark. How cute:

This second set here is one of my ABSOLUTE FAVORITES!! Is it not the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen? I can totally picture the little one giggling in it! Maybe if Baby is the right size, this can be our homecoming outfit. It even matches the first set of onesies above! I love it.
Oh and the best part – it comes with a matching blanket with a hood for swaddling!! How awesome is that! It just totally made the outfit. And it was only $11.99!!!
The next two I had to get because every parent needs this kind of stuff. I actually found the second one first and thought twice about getting the first one, but I decided it was ok.
And of course – for Mr P – “Daddy Loves Me”. This just melted my heart when I saw it and I HAD to get it. It’s totally true and I thought it would be great, considering that Mr P is away at the moment. Maybe if he gets extended this can be the outfit Baby will wear when Mr P comes home for good!!! Plus the giraffe was adorable.
Ok so I think I said adorable about 50 times in the last 2 posts, but I can’t help it. Everything I find that I fall in love with really is adorable. They all just make me smile and make me warm and fuzzy inside when I think about little Baby P wearing them soon! We’re starting to get a little bit of stuff in the nursery and I’m loving it. I can’t wait until it’s all ready and Baby is here! Just about 5 months now!! We’re almost half way!

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