We have a Mattress!!


Well I felt a little bit like nesting this morning when I woke up. Mostly it was because I had the mattress sitting in the garage just waiting to get put together!! I felt motivated, so I stopped by Burlington Coat Factory’s Baby Depot (one of my FAVORITE places to go for bargains) and picked up a few things.
I got a cover for our changing table pad. I was going to get one of the big contoured pads, but decided that we really didn’t need it! The one that came with the table will be fine. And who really uses the table that often anyways, right? So I took a before and after picture. It’s a nice soft cover in ivory, which goes great with our theme. Check it out:

I also picked up what I thought was a mattress pad, but when I got it home I realized it was just waterproof quilted pads, not actually a mattress pad. DARN. So I’ll have to return those and get a real mattress pad. But I still wanted to put together the mattress and see how everything looked and I couldn’t love it more! The bedding is perfect (too bad the line is being discontinued, DARN, again) and it’ll look beautiful if we have a girl or a boy!
Now the front picture doesn’t look all that different, but I couldn’t decide on how to set up the inside of the crib! I think it looks fantastic in the picture on the right. The blanket was a gift from Eric’s Mom and is unbelievably soft. It’s also a perfect color for our bedding. I thought it looked great. That’s probably how I will leave it until Baby arrives and then the blanket will disappear (since it’s a safety hazard). I really wanted to get a mobile, but I couldn’t find any at Burlington. I’ll probably have to order it off the internet. Check it out:
So far it’s been a good day. I got care packages sent off to Mr P and I bought some cute things for the baby. I had to take pictures to share too!

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