17 Weeks


Well look at that! There is a little baby belly there!! It’s slowly getting bigger (actually not really slowly). I felt like I woke up on Saturday and I’d just popped out! I don’t feel as big as I look. When I got home from work on Sunday afternoon I actually stopped in the mirror upstairs and was like “Woah! I actually look pregnant not just pudgy!!”. It was quite a moment for me. But it was all gone when I woke up in the morning! Oh well.
Baby is growing, growing, growing. Little Baby P is supposed to be up to 5.5 inches this week! WOW. Still amazes me when I think about it!! Baby is the size of an onion! The soft cartilage of Baby’s skeleton is turning into hard bone (which allows me to feel the kicks more easily!). The placenta and umbilical cord are thickening in preparation for the upcoming growth spurt. All of Baby’s joints are working and being flexed by the little one. Oh – and sweat glands are developing!! The biggest change this week – all of the cute little baby fat is starting to form! The little one is starting to look more like the cute little baby that we’ll be seeing in August!
I’ve been doing well this week too. I’m eating a lot more and a larger variety now, which is fantastic. Yesterday I had my first big twinge from round ligament pain. I went to get out of the recliner in the nursery and I just about fell over!! It was a really sharp pain on the right side of my abdomen. I guess it’s a good thing in a way – it means my uterus is starting to grow and stretch even more!! I was also pretty crampy yesterday. I can’t really sleep on my stomach anymore either, but I’ve started getting better sleep. I stole one of Mr P’s pillows and I’ve started sleeping with it in front of me with my arms wrapped around it. I’m much more comfortable now and other than getting up a few times a night to go to the bathroom, I’m sleeping pretty well!!! The indigestion is being kept at bay for the most part. I just carry Tums with me and when I feel a little sick I take one or two and it helps! I’ve been feeling pretty well and I’m enjoying it!
Other than that there really hasn’t been much going on over the past week. I feel the baby every once in a while, but not too often yet. I’m hoping now that we’ve reached 17 weeks I’ll begin to feel it more regularly – it makes it feel more real. I wish Mr P was here to feel it with me too, but things happen the way they do for a reason!
He is doing well though! He should be into permanent housing soon and starting his normal hours too. He’ll be working in the evenings there, so it’ll be the afternoon and early evening here. Hopefully we will get to chat quite a bit!! I think we’re both doing well and we are about 12% of the way done until he comes home in August. Time isn’t moving quickly, but it’s also not moving at turtle speed either.
So we’re all doing well in the P. household. We have two weeks until our gender ultrasound and we couldn’t be more excited!! We’re almost half way!!

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