Creme Brulee, Snickerdoodles and Giraffes…OH MY!

>Well I have recently discovered that the nursery set we originally picked has been discontinued. We have had the bedding for a few months now (thanks to Gram) and also the matching clothes hamper and one valance. I’ve started looking for more accessories to purchase and most of them are unavailable now. UGH. This is the bedding we have and a view of the entire collection. It’s from CoCaLo’s Baby Martex collection called Creme Brulee.

We currently have the crib sheet, bumpers, comforter, dust ruffle, one valance, diaper stacker and hamper. The colors are a little bit more gold in real life, but I love it! I’ve loved it since we found out we were having a baby. It’s one of my favorites.

Well like I said – it’s now discontinued. You can’t really tell but there is an underlying theme of Teddy Bears. The mobile has teddy bears on it, as do the wall hangings, the lamp and the wall border. I was planning on going with a little bit of a teddy bear theme to make it easier to find things to go along with the theme.

I’ve been searching the CoCaLo website ( and actually found what they’re replacing the Creme Brulee Collection with and guess what? It’s really, REALLY similar to the creme brulee collection. It’s the CoCaLo Snickerdoodle Collection, available in April 2010. Here it is:

It looks almost exactly the same doesn’t it? I think I’ll be able to buy two of the valances and you won’t be able to tell. The only other difference is the introduction of the darker colors AND the teddy bears have been replaced by giraffes. 
The more I’ve thought about this and pictures the nursery the more I love it. I really prefer giraffes to teddy bears anyways and Mr P likes giraffes!! I am really excited to get started on this theme now too!! I want to slowly introduce some darker colors so that the giraffe idea will still match the bedding. 
I’ve been browsing for homemade products related to giraffes and there is a TON! I’ve seen some awesome wall decals that would be cool and some great unique figurines and artwork that would be great! I just have to check with the landlord that he doesn’t mind wall decals. I think he would let us paint, but it’s such a pain and without Mr P around I don’t want to do it myself. Wall decals seem like a way better idea. 
So this is the plan. Start with the Creme Brulee set, mix in some of the Snickerdoodle set and accent it with all kinds of giraffe stuff. I love it. It’ll be perfect for a little boy or girl and still modern and not too childish (which is kind of our style – we would never have a bright pink or blue room…regardless)…. I can’t wait to start!!!!
Here are a few of the things I’m in love with for the nursery so far:
I’d also like to make some letters to hang above the crib to spell out the Baby’s name (we’ll know what the name is in 6 days!!). I kind of want to make them myself so they’re special, but this is what I had in mind, just lighter colors!

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