The BIG News!

>Well if you haven’t noticed the change of background, then take that as the hint.

We found out about Baby P today and I am proud to announce that IT’S A BOY!!! In August, we will be welcoming little Jacob into the world!! 

Mr P and I couldn’t be more thrilled about the news. He was so nervous and we both wanted a little boy, so it was great news to hear! He was able to be on the phone when we found out.

The ultrasound tech barely even had to look to see. As soon as she put the wand on my stomach she could tell it was a little boy. Jacob was NOT shy about showing us his goods. He was more than happy to show them off!

We got some really great pictures this time and Jacob was very cooperative until the end. He let the tech get pictures of everything she needed and he was laying in a great position. He’s head up, with his head to the right of my belly button and his feet right on top of my cervix. Which explains he enjoys kicking my bladder all the time!

In that second picture you can see Jacob’s heart and also his spine! Isn’t that amazing how much detail you can see? The first picture is his beautiful profile. He’s going to be so handsome, just like his Daddy.

It truly was an amazing day and I feel so blessed to know that Mr P and I have a son. A healthy, happy little boy. I’m still in awe that we finally know. It’s almost surreal that I can now say “he” and Jacob instead of “it”! I love it.

The only thing that would make this night more perfect was Mr P being home with me. It’s so wonderful to know that I do have a piece of him here with me though. Little Jacob. What a blessing…..truly a blessing. I never knew I could love another boy as much as I love Mr P. Little Jacob already has my heart.



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  1. >Congrats on your little boy! 🙂

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