Dresser for the Nursery

>I spent yesterday afternoon putting together our FINAL piece of furniture for the nursery. All we had left to purchase was the dresser that matches our set (we got Delta Eclipse, from Target and LOVE it). Mr. P’s sister had sent us a wedding card in the mail and included a gift card to Target (thank you Debbie!!), so I thought it would be perfect to use it on the dresser for Jacob’s room!

I had to have Mr. P’s friend Mike come over to help me carry it upstairs because the darn thing was HEAVY!!! It is definitely a solid piece of furniture!! The worse part of putting it all together were all of the screws! The back panels alone had 28 and there were 54 in the drawers. I think my arms is a little bit sore from all of it! Here is the construction process:

It really is a beautiful piece of furniture though. It will last Jacob for years to come and I’m really, REALLY glad we went with this collection. And it’s actually REAL wood. I love the beautiful black cherry too. It’s a little bit modern, but still classic. It’s a little bit taller than I expected, but it will be nice. I’ve already started putting clothing in the drawers, but I have NO clue how to organize them! Any hints or suggests are appreciated!

Here is the final product with all of the decor on top (at least what we have now)!

There are a few things on the dresser that are new, so I want to share a few more pictures. The rattles I got from Kohls. They were buy one get one and are for newborns. The little giraffe I came across over the past few weeks and I thought it would go great with our nursery theme (hmmm…giraffes)!! And last – the giraffe stuffed animal caught my eye at Wal-Mart (I was food shopping – not baby shopping) and I just had to have it. It actually winds up and plays a lullaby!! It’s so soft and it’ll be perfect for little Jacob.

So it’s really been a busy week for us so far. Between our doctor’s appointment, ultrasound, the dresser and all of the new clothes Jacob and I are ready for a quiet week.



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