20 Weeks – Halfway!!


20 weeks!!! We are halfway done!! It’s weird to think that’s it’s been so long since we found out and so much has changed and happened since then. I have definitely grown. I’ve reached the point where people are starting to look and wonder if I really am pregnant and not just getting pudgy.

At our last Doctor’s appointment I’ve gained a total of 11 pounds. Not so bad! I’m right on track. I don’t even remember what it’s like to not be pregnant honestly. I’ve been feeling pretty good lately. Mostly I’m dealing with the shortness of breath and memory problems, but that’s not so bad. There are still some foods that don’t settle so well, but I’m adapting. Work is starting to get a little bit harder, because it requires me to run around the restaurant. I’m always exhausted by the end of the shift. Over the past few days I’ve been sleeping really, really well (other than the dreams) and I haven’t had to get up throughout the night (which has been amazing).

Jacob is doing well!! He’s moving a lot more now, especially in the late morning and right before bed. Yesterday he was somersaulting and moving all over the place! I think he’s now laying sideways across my stomach. I prefer this position. He’s been feet down with he little feet on my cervix and I can feel when he’s kicking down. It’s a little painful. He also thinks it’s funny to kick my bladder too. Oh how sweet of him!! If I can find his head now, he’ll move if I apply light pressure to it. He likes to stretch out and push upwards too. I can feel the top of my uterus a few inches above my belly button when he does that!!

He now weighs 10 1/2 ounces and is 6 1/2 inches long (although I think he’s a little bigger than that already). He’s supposed to be about the size of a banana! Wow. He’s still practicing digestion and swallowing. Apparently the taste of amniotic fluid changes depending on what I eat, and since Jacob now has taste buds he can taste the differences. He’s also producing meconium (a sticky by-product of digestion) that will remain in his bowels until birth (hopefully). His skin is also becoming more complex and now has 4 layers.

Life around here has been, well, life. I spent last week putting together the dresser and using up the Kohl’s Cash that I had. I got lots of cute clothes and a few toys. I’ve spent this weekend making sure that our registry is updated. We’re probably going to use it just to keep track of what we need to get before he arrives.

Today I wanted to celebrate making it 20 weeks so I decided to pull out the gift card that my Dad gave to me for Christmas. I headed to Dillards and spent a little while looking around. I ended up with a few pieces of clothing and I still have $4.07 left on the card to use at some point. Here is what I got:

The jeans are to go with the polos that I got last week, to match Daddy. The little lion outfit is REALLY soft and will be nice and warm during the late fall and early winter. The last outfit is Bronco’s colors and is a 12 month outfit, so Jacob will be able to wear it next year! I thought it was cute and it’s even better that it’s Bronco’s colors.

Mr. P is doing well. Time just keeps on moving. I can’t wait until we’re half way done. That’s what I’m most looking forward to. I mailed off another package this morning and he should be receiving his Easter packages soon (a little late, I know). I do miss him like crazy though. It gets quiet and kinda boring around here without him!

So this week coming up we have no plans. I’m working like crazy. On Wednesday I have to work at 4:45 am AND I have to work an evening shift that night. I’m going to be exhausted when this week is over, but at least it’ll keep me busy. We’ll be posting about 21 weeks in no time!



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