Bi-Annual JBF Sale

>About a month ago I found an ad on craigslist for a twice-yearly sale called the Just Between Friends Sale. It’s a huge consignment sale at the expo center for Mom’s in the area. I decided it would be a good sale to check out and I was RIGHT.

I took out $100 in cash and I walked away with SOOOOOO much stuff. It was awesome. The prices were amazing and everything I got was nearly new, if not new with tags still on. Check out everything I came home with!

In that stack I ended up with 12 onesies, a Ralph Lauren Polo, two Guess onesies with pants (tags still on), two Carter’s bath robes (one with tags still on), 2 pairs of sweats (nearly new), 2 newborn sleepers (probably all that I’m going to buy in that size), 3 outfits that have pants, a shirt AND a jacket, 2 pairs of overalls (one with a onesies included) and a Denver Bronco’s onesie. Most of the clothing is 0-6 months, with a few 6-9 month outfits thrown in there. With all of this stuff we are pretty well set on clothing up to 6 months. We won’t need much more, since I’m sure he’ll be growing so quickly! I also found these little shoes and socks that are BRAND NEW! How cute is that!! 6 pairs of Puma socks for a dollar. What a deal.

Here is some MORE random stuff that I got. A bunch of little infant toys. The piano at the top attached to the end of the crib and is a kick and play piano! There is also a collection of books. All of those little books came in one pack for $4.00. The head support was about $5.00 and the blanket was $3.00 and still had the tags on it.

And last but not least I grabbed some nice towels and wash clothes along with 3 burp clothes and 3 bibs. I think we should be set on these for a while too. It’d be nice to have more, but not a requirement. 5 towels and 6 wash clothes should be enough. We’ll definitely need more bibs and burp clothes though.

So it really was a FANTASTIC trip and for just under $100 I walked away with an unbelievable amount of stuff. Even the larger stuff, like strollers and cribs were reasonable priced. I’d rather purchase that kind of thing new though. I’ve spent the day doing laundry, getting things folded and put away. I finally found a good way to organize the dresser and I’ve been inventorying all of the clothing we have so far.

I did stop at Wal-Mart and found some nice bins for the changing table. I have been thinking of getting something like this for a while, but couldn’t find any I liked that were reasonable priced. Mr. P doesn’t like wicker stuff, so I wanted canvas and I wanted them in a cream or beige or gold color to match the nursery. This is what I found. Unfortunately they only had four and I will probably need 6. Right now I’m keeping receiving blankets, bibs and burp cloths in the bins. I’ll probably keep changing stuff in one as well, but we don’t have any of that yet. Here is the changing table now:

I also wanted to show you a little bit of what I did with the crib since we have all of the new stuff.

And last but not least – I rearranged a little bit. I just switched the chair and the changing table. My Mom suggested that the changing table be in arms reach of the dresser so I can keep changing supplies there instead of having to reach below me to get them, especially with one hand on little Jacob. I actually like the way it’s arranged much more now. I think it’ll be a little bit more functional.

Sorry this has been so long, but there were so many things so share!! It was a busy day in the nursery and I took a lot of pictures. I’m falling even more in love with the furniture and the decor as we go along. It’s getting hard not to rush out to the store and buy everything we need right now, but I want to save some stuff for later on when I’m bored.

OH YEAH. I forgot about this little guy. I found him a few days ago, but hadn’t uploaded the picture yet, so here you go. Isn’t he awesome!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!! Look for an update and pictures on Monday! It’s been a good week!!



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