21 Weeks



I’ll work on getting the collage up soon, but for now this will have to do.

Well what a week it’s been. It seems like this one has gone a little bit slower than all of the others. I even worked quite a bit.

Jacob is doing just fine!! He should be over 12 ounces by now (getting close to a pound!!) and about 8 inches long (and that’s just crown to rump). This week he’s a spaghetti squash. Yum. He is not growing as quickly as he was in the past few weeks, although he is still growing like crazy. He is continuing to practice swallowing and digestion and his skin is continuing to grow and become more complex. He officially has eyebrows. He can definitely hear my voice now, so I’ve started playing some nice relaxing music for him! He also has regular sleeping and waking cycles now and I’m able to predict when he will be active. His little flutters are much more obvious now and much more frequent (which I love). I can generally feel him in the late morning, a little bit throughout the afternoon and then around 5pm he starts moving again (mostly because that’s when I eat dinner at work I think). He is fairly quiet when I’m getting ready for bed, but I’m sure he’s awake and bouncing around while I’m sleeping.

Sleep has been interesting lately. It’s starting to become uncomfortable to sleep on my back and I’m doing my best to sleep only on my sides, but I keep waking up on my back. I now sleep with an extra pillow on either side of me and two under my head. I’ve officially stolen borrowed both of Mr. P’s pillows now. 🙂 Other than that I’ve been feeling great. My energy level has been great and I wake up in the mornings feeling refreshed. The indigestion and nausea are all but gone and I can pretty much eat whatever I want (still no guacamole…ew). My body doesn’t recover as quickly as it used to though. Working a lot more is more tiring than I remember it being, but that’s ok.

Over the past week I checked out the JBF sale and came home with a lot of good stuff. See a few posts prior for pictures. I also received a box in the mail on Friday night from Eric. He bought some things online and sent them home!! Here are the first of many gifts from Daddy:

There are two packs of receiving blankets there (and they’re so cute with the little dinos on them) and then a newborn sleeper with a little hat (and Jacob will have to wear it at least once, even if it’s kinda small!) and also a pack of TEN bibs. The bibs say anything from Flirt to Single to Handsome to Jock and are adorable. I washed it all, folded it and got it put away. I love it all! Mr. P’s done a great job picking things out so far!!!

This week coming up we don’t have too much planned. I’ll be leaving Sunday the 25th for Texas to visit my Mom (a much needed visit), courtesy of Mr. P. He is such a sweet husband and wanted to buy me a gift in return for all of the care packages I’ve sent him (I think I’m up to 6 or 7 now ha) and since I couldn’t think of anything non-baby related I decided that a trip to visit my Mom was in order. It’s been since January since I’ve seen her and I really miss her. I’ll be gone for 6 days, but I’ll be able to post pictures and updates while I’m gone. I’m looking forward to getting away for a little bit!



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