The Nesting Instinct….

>It’s getting worse… that feeling of needing to get everything ready…. UGH.

Well I woke up feeling awfully motivated today. I’ve been needing to go through the closets in our house (especially the two in the upstairs bedrooms). We’ve basically just put a bunch of stuff that we didn’t want to go through in both of those closets and until we found out about Jacob it was working out just fine. Well now we have to empty out one of the closets. Uh oh.

Our two extra bedrooms are on the front side of the townhome, one on the left side and one on the right side. They’re roughly the same size, just shaped differently. Mr P had been storing his things in the closet in the right room and I had all of my things in the closet in the left room. The closet in the right room (Jacob’s room) is quite a bit smaller. However, the closet in our guest room (the left room) has a slant on the floor where the stairs are, so you can’t store a whole lot on the floor.

I woke up with this brilliant idea to just SWITCH the rooms. Instead of putting Jacob’s room in the right room, it would work well in the left room. That way we could store a whole lot more stuff on the floor of the closet in our guest room. So all I had to do was switch all of the furniture. Sounds easy right?

Well it actually was pretty easy. Most of our furniture is fairly light. The mattress for the bed in the guest bedroom was the heaviest thing I moved all day!! I actually think the furniture fits better now than it did before. We will have much more room to store things in our guest room closet (instead of having to put it all down in the crawl space).

Check out the before and after pics for each room!

The Left Room

The Right Room

So doesn’t it look nice?! I even started on the closets. I got through all of the stuff in Mr P’s closet and got it all organized and condensed. It’s now in 4 small boxes instead of 4 HUGE boxes! I looked through a few things in my closet but my body is pretty tired and I need to rest for a little bit. I think I’ll save the rest of the organizing for tomorrow.
I’m planning to get some nice plastic storage bins to put things in before I put stuff down in the crawl space. I’m worried about possible flooding and I don’t want anything to get ruined, so plastic is the best bet. We try not to keep too much in the garage, because that’s where the Harley lives. Mr. P also spends a lot of time out there with his friends playing darts and whatnot. It’s kind of his “man room”. It’s actually one of the cleanest places in the house!!
I also found quite a few of Mr. P’s awards and Army related pictures and things. I’m going to hang some stuff up on the wall in the guest room to show all of his stuff off!!! 



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