The Nesting Instinct, Continued…


I finished up some of the housework today. I finished going through all of our closets and organized everything. I have a stack of boxes that need to be put into plastic storage bins and taken down into the crawl space. Otherwise, everything now has a home!!

Compared to what was in those closets before these are AMAZING and ROOMY. I wish I’d remembered to take before pictures. I also wanted to show our bookcase that now officially has a home again (instead of in the hallway upstairs). It looks nice. I can’t believe I managed to fit all of our books in there and yes – those ARE Harry Potter books right on top. The space above the wall is going to become the “Mr. P Brag Wall” haha. I’m going to take all of his awards and coins and military pictures and put them in nice frames and make a nice display up there. I think that’ll be nice. It makes me even more proud to be his wife when I find his awards and stuff. I want to show it all off.

It is really nice to have our things out of boxes and put away – together. It makes it feel a little bit more real, like we are actually married and not just roommates or dating. I definitely feel a little bit more like a wife now. I like it.

I’m excited for us to get a house so we can decorate the way we I want. I told Mr P today that I want to paint. I’ve never really been able to paint and I want to. He told me I could paint “.5 of a bedroom” – haha that’s an exact quote.

Well anyways – the nesting instinct has somewhat disappeared for the moment. I do have a list of things I want to get done over the next few months, but we will see how that goes.



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