Recent Happenings and News

>The last few days have been full of random happenings that I feel the need to share!

1. Mother’s Day
So I was unable to spend the day with my own Mom, but I did get to talk to her. I spent the day at work and it wasn’t so bad. My Mom DID send me a beautiful Bonsai tree along with a subscription to Better Homes and Gardens! Although I haven’t actually started my garden for the year, I’ve been researching and talking to my Mom about flowers and plants for weeks now. It was something I used to help her with all the time and I never paid much attention to it. Now I wish I had! This is a special variety of Bonsai, because the typical kinds are related to pine trees and alas, I am allergic to them. She was thoughtful enough to remember that when sending me this little beauty. I do have to put it out on the patio during the morning so it gets enough sunlight (it needs FULL sun) and there is absolutely NOWHERE in our little town home that gets direct sun. And I mean NOWHERE. I’m not much of a green thumb but my goal is to keep this little thing alive!

Mr P. also sent me some gifts for Mother’s Day!! What a thoughtful husband, isn’t he? I started thinking about what he was sending the moment he told me and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised and thrilled with his gift. He also sent a little something for Jacob. Here is it:

A Boppy pillow!!!! And it is one of the most comfortable pillows I’ve ever slept with! The extra support between my legs and the shape are perfect. It keeps me aligned at night and I don’t feel like my back is rolling incorrectly because of the extra weight. It’s also helping me to stop sleeping on my back. The giraffe is for Jacob! It plays the soothing sounds to help babies sleep (like the whoosh whoosh that my heart makes from inside the womb). I am really excited to try it out and hopefully it will work wonders for the little boy after he’s born!

My Mom also gave me a little something when I arrived in Texas that I never blogged about. She had this adorable little outfit waiting for me! Of course it goes with the giraffe theme!! It’s a 0-3 month, but it looks large compared to the other outfits I have. Hopefully it will fit throughout the winter!

Overall it was a great kind-of-first Mother’s Day for me. I can’t wait until next year when I’ll be able to officially celebrate with Jacob on my lap!

2. Baby Shower is Planned!!
My Dad’s wife and her daughter have offered to throw us a baby shower! We are planning it for June 13! I spent the last few weeks working on invitations (because I love paper crafts) to keep me busy. I wanted them to be cute and perfect and they came out exactly how I wanted – even better actually!! Check them out. And don’t mind all the black marks – unfortunately I don’t think plastering my Dad’s address all over the internet is the BEST idea, so you all will have to deal with it and use your imagination!


I’m starting to address them and get them sent out this week! I finished up the registry (for the most part anyways – there is a link in the top right corner if you’re interested in what I added!) and we are all set to go for the shower! I’m looking forward to getting to celebrate with family and friends from work. Jacob deserves a celebration! I only wish Mr P and my Mom could be there to celebrate with us. Hopefully we will be able to set up a Skype conversation while we are opening gifts.

3. Pregnancy Scrapbook
I started working on the pregnancy scrapbook today!! I’ve been keeping all of my thoughts online and I decided it was time to put it to paper and write it down for Jacob to read in the future. I’ve officially finished three whole pages! There is definitely a LOT more to do, but I’ll have plenty of time over the summer. The title of the scrapbook is “Growing Jacob” and it has a safari animal theme because this is truly turning into an adventure for Mr. P and I. Plus – his nursery his giraffes, so I figure it would be a great combination. Take a looksie.

So it really is starting off well!! I’m just going to try and take my time and think about each page so they come out perfect! It’s going to be something that lasts forever, so I want it just right.

4. 3D/4D Ultrasound
Mr. P and I have decided that we would really like to do a 3D ultrasound to have in the future. So we scheduled an ultrasound at a local place for June 18th at Noon. It’s just over $100 for 15 Minutes and we even get the live internet streaming option, so everyone who is out of town can tune in and watch the ultrasound live! Here is the website to the place that we’re going:
We are very excited to get to see Jacob again and to see his little face in more detail! I just can’t wait!

5. Why I hate Laundry
There are few things I hate more in this world than folding laundry. The act of actually washing the clothes and switching them to the dryer – I totally don’t mind, but I really hate folding. And you know why?! Because of the stupid little creature that live in my dryer and eats all of my socks. This scary looking thing:

The stupid SOCK MONSTER! I swear, every time I do the laundry I come out with at least one odd sock and I just do NOT understand where they all go! I put all of my socks in the washing machine and somehow they disappear between the washing machine and the dryer.

So it really had been a busy week!! Even though I was off of work it seemed like it went by so quickly!! I am looking forward to the next few weeks and getting into June so we can have the baby shower and go to the 3D ultrasound and see little Jacob again.



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