25 Weeks


Well I definitely look a lot bigger this week, don’t I? Jacob must just be sitting in a different position!
He sure has been active this week too! I think I felt hiccups for the first time this morning as I was waking up! My entire stomach was bouncing and it was pretty darn rhythmical! How cute is that? My little boy has the hiccups!
Jacob is about a pound and a half and about the size of a rutabaga! He’s finally putting on some weight and baby fat, so the wrinkly skin is starting to smooth out. If he’s going to have hair, we would be able to discern it’s color and texture right now too (hopefully blonde and curly). Jacob’s eyes are now starting to open as well and he can sense light from outside the womb. There is no pigment yet though, so we won’t know if he’s going to have Daddy’s blue eyes just yet.
I’ve been feeling alright this week. The last few days have brought out some new aches and pains. My hips are getting sore, especially after work and my lower back aches sometimes. Yesterday my stomach was kind of achy and crampy all day and now in the evenings, the right side of my ribs have started to ache too. All just signs that the little one is growing and my uterus is stretching (is IS the size of a basketball now). Otherwise I’ve been feeling pretty good. Still fairly energized. It’s so hard to believe that we are so close to the third trimester! It seems like we just started the second trimester.
Yesterday morning I woke up feeling really unprepared for labor and delivery. I mean, we’ve read about it in the two books that we have and I’ve read many articles online, but I still felt unprepared. I haven’t started on my birth plan or registered for classes. I’ve been feeling really lost about who to ask to accompany me to my birth classes and my Mom (the wonderful, wise woman that she is) mentioned that it isn’t REQUIRED for me to have someone there. I will have Eric with me when Jacob is born and my Mom will be here too! I’m kind of an independent person and I think I’ll be just fine preparing by myself and getting ready without a “coach” around to practice with me. I trust in my body and I know that I can do it. There will be more information on my plans coming sometime in the next few weeks.
Otherwise, Mr. P and I are doing really well! He really is an amazing husband and I am so thankful for him every day. He’s always willing to listen to my crazy, hormonal ramblings and that’s how I know we’re going to make it. He knows I’m crazy and he still loves me just the same. 
Work is going well for him. Sandstorm season has started there, so he’s been having lots of fun avoiding the sand (hear the sarcasm in that?). We are still missing a package that I sent almost a month ago. Hopefully it’s just delayed because of the volcano and not lost or stolen. I will be very unhappy if it’s stolen!!

So it’s been a good week and things are going well. Just counting down now!!



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