26 Weeks


Wooo Hoo!! I am on time this week, complete with a picture AND updates!!

I don’t see much change from last week, but everyone at work seems to think I’ve gotten bigger!! My jacket at work is getting smaller and I’m going to need yet another size up here shortly. Let’s just say that the shoulder pads hanging 2 inches off the sides of my shoulders does NOT make me feel attractive. Well – as attractive as you can feel in an 80’s Tuxedo jacket with a matching blue bow tie. Haha the things I do for my job.

Anyways – Jacob and I are doing fabulously!! This past week has been great! Other than still being a bit crampy things have been normal. Sleep is becoming more difficult, but I’m able to sleep through the entire night without getting up to use the restroom (how lucky am I!?). I am still so thankful for the boppy pillow that Mr. P sent home for me to use. It has taken his spot in bed though…oops. I’m starting to feel more tired at the end of the day, just from carrying around all of the extra weight. I would imagine that I’ve gained around 18-20 pounds (which is a little generous, but I was pretty tiny before). You really can’t see it anywhere but in my chest and stomach though. I officially think I’m about to get some stretch marks on my boobs. Ew. At least they’re not all over my stomach. I’ve been applying cocoa butter multiple times a day to try and help. We will see what happens!!

Oh yeah – I had my first super weird craving this week. I want FRESH mint. Like, picked mint leaves. For some reason they just sounded absolutely wonderful. Last night I seriously considered getting out of bed to go to the store and get some Whoppers. And today I’m going to go get some Angel Food cake with strawberries. I just can’t help it – it looked so good on that commercial!

Jacob is getting close to 2 pounds!! WOW!! He measures about 14 inches. The nerves in his ears are better developed and his hearing is more sensitive now. He can hear conversations with others now. I always put Mr. P on speaker phone and put the phone on my tummy when we are chatting so Jacob can hear his voice. He is still inhaling and exhaling amniotic fluid to prepare for breathing outside the womb. And his testicles are descending into the scrotum too. Oh boy.

His patterns of movement are much more predictable now. He’s active after I eat breakfast (around 10-11am) and he calms down until mid-afternoon. He’s pretty active right before bed too. I can actually feel him while I’m working now, which means his kicks and punches are getting stronger and stronger. They’re not painful yet though, which is nice!

I’m continuing to read different books about childbirth and I’m working on our “birth plan” at the moment too. I have quite a library started and a lot of books to get through, but I think I have time!!

We have our next doctor’s appointment a week from tomorrow (June 1st). After this next one our appointments will be every 2 weeks instead of every 4. WOW, we’re getting closer. I’m also supposed to be doing the glucose screening sometime in the next few weeks. I sure hope I don’t have gestational diabetes because I love my sweet foods. We have a lot going on in the next few weeks and I’m hoping that June will fly by as quickly as May has. Mr P will be home and Jacob will be arriving in no time!!



One response to “26 Weeks

  1. >Congratulations on this exciting time in your life! I had a baby girl in January and just love being a mommy!

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