I Love Sundays!!

>First of all – Sunday’s are my favorite day of the week. My restaurant is closed (for the most part) and Sunday is a nice relaxing day off.

When Mr. P is home we typically sleep in, go to breakfast at our favorite restaurant, The Peak Grill, just up the street (sometimes we make breakfast) and then spend the day relaxing on the couch catching up on our tv’s shows. Sometimes there is a ride on the Harley if the weather is nice and sometimes Mr. P will go out for a round of golf with his buddies, but we spend our Sunday’s just relaxing.

Since Mr. P left, not much has changed. I don’t go to breakfast alone, instead I go to church. I usually put something in the crock pot for dinner (yesterday was chicken stew) and sometimes I’ll work on a project. For the most part, I spend the day relaxing on the couch and enjoying the day. Jacob and I head to bed early to watch a movie or catch up on email and then settle in early.

My favorite part of a Sunday afternoon is getting to open the patio door (if it’s nice out) and listen to how quiet it is. Around 5 in the afternoon everyone just settles in and the world is quiet. I can just sit and listen to the sounds of the trees blowing and chitter chatter as families across the street prepare dinner on the grill. Everyone just seems to be at peace on Sunday night. It really is one of my favorite things in the world.

Yesterday I actually got a little bit done! I cleaned the kitchen (top to bottom, including organizing the pantry and cleaning under the sink). I started the Harley and filled Mr. P’s truck up with gas and got it washed. I made a quick shopping trip to Wal-Mart for some random things – food, a candle and hangers. I stopped by Ross and then Michael’s with the intent of making a wreath for the front door and ended up finding two pieces that I love (for cheap).

I stopped by the Garden Center and ended up coming home with flowers for my 3 pots that go on the front porch. This year, in honor of all of our military, I’m doing a red, white and blue theme. It’s Memorial Day next weekend and I figured why not celebrate and then leave it up all summer!! It’s a nice way to remember all of those that are serving! I only had time to plant one pot before friends arrived, but here it is! There is a geranium in the back, a petunia in the center and alyssum in the front. The star and pinwheel I got from Michael’s for .99 a piece!

I was planning to finish the other two today, but alas, the wind has kicked up again. It’s gusting over 50 miles per hour and I had to move the flowers into the garage because they didn’t look too happy outside! I think I’ll wait until tomorrow when it’s calmer to finish the other two! I hate the wind!

I had two friends from work over to watch Avatar. I’ve already seen it, but my good friend Erin hadn’t. It was a lot of fun to have people in the house again. It’s been far too quiet around here. I think that’s one of the things I miss the most – just having Mr. P around to talk to about random and useless things. Now I just ramble about random and useless stuff in the emails I send to him!!!

So it really was a great Sunday!!!

Here is what I’m looking forward to this week:

1. Dear John (comes out on Tuesday and I have it ordered on Netflix).
2. Sex and the City 2 (I’m going to add all of the old seasons to Netflix so I can rewatch them all!)
3. Getting through the LAST week of the SECOND TRIMESTER!!
4. Planting the remainder of my flowers.
5. Mr. P’s package hopefully arriving and not getting lost!
6. My Mom’s package arriving safely.
7. THE HUGE MILESTONE WE ARE GOING TO HIT IN THIS DEPLOYMENT!! We will be over the hump after this week!!! At least until Mr. P comes home in August for R&R. It’ll be a piece of cake after he goes back.



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