27 Weeks


We are in the THIRD trimester!!! 2/3 of the way done! It is truly amazing how time flies! I can’t believe we only have 13 weeks left. It seems like the past 26 have just sped by.

I’ve been feeling pretty well!! I’m starting to feel that third trimester fatigue kicking in. Maybe it’s because I’ve been working more than normal, but my body gets tired more easily than I remember. I have a feeling that the nausea and indigestion may return within the next few weeks. I was up until 1am last night feeling really nauseated – after drinking WATER. Uh oh. Guess I’ll have to start carrying those Tums around again. My back has been a little sore lately, but not too bad, so I’m not complaining!!! The braxton hicks contractions have kicked up a notch though. They’re coming more frequently at this point, especially at night after a hard days work. They don’t hurt at this point and they always stop – so that’s a good thing.

I put on my maternity jeans for the first time today. They’re a little shorter than I normally wear, but otherwise they fit me great! And they were only $40 (which isn’t BAD for stupid maternity clothes). I must have grown more than I thought in the past week, because my normal jeans actually fit a few days ago. Oh boy!

Jacob is doing fantastic!! He is moving and squirming all over the place!! Sometimes I swear he’s a little octopus because I feel kicks, pokes and punches everywhere!! He now weighs around 2 pounds and is 15 inches from head to toe. So just a few more inches of growing!! I’m guessing he’ll be around 22 inches when he’s born! He is sleeping and waking at regular intervals (which are pretty normal). He even goes through REM cycles when he’s sleeping – so it is completely possible that he could be dreaming (how awesome!). Although the lungs aren’t completely developed, they are developed enough to function outside the womb with medical assistance. Chances of survival at this point are pretty good!! Although he knows he needs to stay put for a while longer!!

**** SORRY FOR THE LATE POST*** We are currently experiencing difficulties with our internet…ugh. I am actually sitting at the hospital right now for my 1 hour glucose test. I had to drink some syrupy glucose (that actually tasted a little salty). I am a little bit shaky and Jacob is bouncing all over the place!!

We had a doctors appointment two days ago and everything is going well!!! I’m at 129lbs, so 19 total pounds gained so far!! Not doing so badly!! Jacob kicked at the doppler again while the nurse was checking his heartbeat. It always makes me laugh. I even warned her that he was going to kick! The doctor and I talked a little bit about the big day and the options available at the hospital. From what I understand, you are required to get an IV, but it can be a walking IV (which is absolutely necessary for me – I have to walk). I have to schedule my pre-admission appointment here within the next few weeks!

We’re getting closer and closer!! I’m starting to get excited!!



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