29 Weeks


Well what a great week it’s been! I’m feeling pretty good. And I’m growing. I still feel small, but I’m definitely growing.

I discovered yesterday that I have a rib out of place. Every morning when I wake up my ribs are sore on the left side. I asked my Mom to help me put on some icy hot and she was able to pin-point exactly where I was sore because she could feel the rib that’s out of alignment. It’s progressively getting worse, so I’m going to have to chat with the doctor about it on Friday at our appointment. I’m still a little bit tired and my back gets sore more easily at work than it used to. Probably because I’m carrying around 20 extra pounds!

Jacob is doing great! He’s about 2 1/2 pounds right now and a little over 15 inches. He’s about the size of a butternut squash! His lungs and brain are continuing to develop. His survival rate would be 90% if he were born today. But he needs to stay put for another 10 weeks. Billions of neurons in his brain are forming. He moves in pretty regular patterns now and I’m still working on deciphering which part of his body is sticking out of my belly! Sometimes he looks like a little alien moving around under my skin!

We have a doctor’s appointment on Friday and then a 3D ultrasound the same day! It’s going to be a baby filled day and I’m very excited for it! I’ll definitely post some pictures and the video tomorrow.

This past week was REALLY busy for me! Between working, the shower and my surprise visit from my Mom I was going-going all week. I loved it all though. It was so great to get to see my Mom and have her around on my days off. I didn’t realize how quiet the house was until she left and I came home to find an empty house again.

On Monday she helped me with some errands for the cars. My car got new tires and Mr. P’s truck got a new rear door put on (to replace the dented one). We also did some baby shopping and she bought me an amazing BIG gift – a travel system!!! We looked in 3 different places before we found one we actually liked! We ended up getting it from Burlington’s Baby Depot and I’m so in love with it! After we got home we set up the stroller and car seat and then she helped me lay everything out from the baby shower and take pictures and get it all put away.

So as of right now we are basically set up for Jacob’s arrival. We don’t have more than 1 pack of diapers, but otherwise I think we have pretty much everything that we need. We just have a few smaller things to pick up and then a swing and/or bouncer and we are GOOD TO GO!!

The countdown is on until Mr. P’s return as well. We are slowly creeping closer and I couldn’t be more excited. This middle part has been a little difficult and I hope it gets easier the closer we get to R&R, although I don’t think it will.



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