A Sneak Peek

>Last Friday we had our 3D ultrasound. It was amazing to get a little sneak peek at our little Jacob and see how he is growing. We got it done at Baby Expressions here in town. I’d highly recommend them to anyone interested in a 3D ultrasound. The tech gave me a free picture and asked to use one of Jacob’s pictures on her website because she thought he was so adorable! They were very professional and I am thoroughly pleased with the pictures and video.

When I first arrived he was sleeping with his arm completely across his face! It took a good 5 – 10 minutes to get him to wake up and move his arm and the umbilical cord so we could see him! Once we did it was absolutely amazing!! He was making tons of little facial expressions and giving us quite the show.

He has Mr. P’s eyes and smile. He has HAIR! And he has all of his fingers and toes. He’s perfect and I can’t wait to see him in real life. At one point in the video he is sucking on his hand and you can actually see him swallowing! Oh and we did get some pictures of him with his eyes open! How amazing!

Here are some of my favorite pictures!

This is how he was sleeping when I first arrived.


His little grumpy face after we woke him up!


The tech thought this was fitting, since Daddy is a soldier!


Sleeping like an angel!


He looks just like Mr. P in this picture. He actually has his left arm bent up and his fingers are dangling over his forehead. Those dark spots are fingers!


Daddy’s Smile


Waving hello!


Look at his eyes!! How beautiful is this photo? He’s so perfect and he looks so much like Daddy.


He is sucking on his hand here.


This was the last photo. Apparently he was done! No more pictures Mom – please!


And here are the videos. It’s about 20 minutes in total. The second and third parts are the most interesting because he’s more awake at that point.

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing him as much as I did! We won’t get to see him again until he’s born!! We’re getting close, just about 10 weeks to go! WOW. Soon enough he will be here and we can see what he really looks like!



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