33 Weeks


I had a doctor’s appointment this past week. I mentioned to the OB how often my braxton hicks contractions are and he actually did an internal exam to make sure I wasn’t dilating. I wasn’t. Still completely closed. Which is good I suppose!! I was at 135 pounds too. WOW.

Otherwise the week was great. I ended up getting a prenatal massage for $46 at work. How awesome. I felt completely relaxed and my head wasn’t nearly as tender the next day. The therapist mentioned that my neck was really tight and one of the tightest she’d ever had to work on! That probably explains the migraine.

Jacob started getting the hiccups a lot more. Almost once a day. It’s supposed to mean that they’re lungs are developing well! The OB seemed pleased with the way everything was progressing and we are moving right along!!

I also had our pre-admission appointment at the hospital. We are officially all registered and ready to to be admitted!!! Just a few more weeks to go!



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