35 Weeks

>Well this one is actually on time. Today is officially our 35 weeks down and 35 days to go!!! Seems like we are getting SO close doesn’t it?! I’ll take a picture after I shower.

I have been feeling the need to nest over the past few weeks. I completely and thoroughly cleaned the entire downstairs a week or so ago. Including the inside of the fridge and all of the cabinets. I seriously considered cleaning the INSIDE of the dishwasher and the wine bottles that we have above the cabinets. I haven’t finished the upstairs yet, but in time I will, I’m sure.

Actually last night while I was talking to Mr. P I had the desire to pull out what Jacob will be wearing home from the hospital and wash the remaining new clothes so I can pack my hospital bag. This was at 10:30 too. Ha.

Jacob has been pretty darn active over the past few days. I can see his little elbows, knees and feet moving across my stomach now. And of course – the hiccups happen usually once a day or so. The braxton hicks contractions have started to become a little bit more intense. They’re is not some cramping with them (only about 3 or so a day though – nothing regular). It’s nothing horrible, just a little bit uncomfortable. I’m hoping that they will start some dilation, but I doubt it. I’m pretty sure Jacob’s going to be a stubborn little one and we are going to have to induce him at 41 weeks.

Mr. P’s staff sergeant informed us last night that if I do go into labor before Mr. P is headed home that I should call RIGHT AWAY, so that they can wake him up and get him on his way home. How wonderful is that!! Even though he’d most likely miss Jacob’s birth – he’d still get to be here right after he’s born. That really helped to ease my mind! Although I still don’t think I’ll go into labor before Mr. P is home.

Speaking of Mr. P – he is doing fantastic! We have less than a month until he will be home for his leave. I can’t believe it’s been over 20 weeks since I saw him last. I have changed so much since then! It will sure be a surprise for him to see me at 38 weeks that’s for sure!! It truly just amazes me that we are down to counting weeks instead of months and soon enough we’ll be counting DAYS. I’m trying not to get too excited now so that I can still have things to do before he arrives.



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