36 Weeks


36 weeks and officially into the 9th month! Where has the time gone? I can’t believe it was 30 weeks ago that we were just 6 weeks along and going in for our first prenatal appointment.

Now the appointments start to come weekly and that is really exciting. At the 36 week appointment my doctor did the GBS test and also did an internal exam. He said there is a bit of dilation, maybe about 1 centimeter, but I am still very posterior. Basically my cervix is still VERY high (so high it’s very difficult and painful for him to reach it) and is pointing back towards my spine instead of straight down or forward like most women.

Everything else is going well. Jacob’s heartbeat is loud and strong, as always. He continues to get the hiccups and move around all the time. He feels gigantic. He is still head down, but changes from facing forward to facing my left side. He definitely favors being on the right side of my stomach.

I have been busy around the house. Mostly with little projects that I need to get done before Mr. P arrives home. I finally got some storage totes to get all of the boxes in the hallway into the crawl space. I ended up purchasing the exact amount of totes in the exact sizes that I needed to get everything out of boxes. How perfect right? It couldn’t have been a better day. I think I’m having little bouts of nesting going on here – considering that I DID organize the filing cabinet this week too. WOW.



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