37 Weeks


FULL TERM!! Can you believe it?

Our little Jacob should be done developing. If I were to go into labor now they wouldn’t stop it because his lungs should be developed enough for him to survive unassisted outside the womb. He should be a little over 6 pounds and about 19 inches long.

We know he has lots of hair on his little head already (I even have a picture of it from one of the ultrasounds) and I’ve spent a lot of time lately wondering what color it’s going to be. Although Mr. P and I were both blonde and have light hair (well, dirty blonde) and had even lighter hair at birth we are kind of expecting him to be born with a head of dark hair. I don’t think it’ll stay that way forever, but for some reason when I picture what he’s going to look like that’s how I see him. With a head of dark hair. Weird, I know, but it’s true.

Unfortunately this week we were informed by Mr. P’s command that he might not be able to take the 25 days he was originally granted. The military offers a 10 day paternity leave to all soldiers (unfortunately not always to those deployed) and he is also allowed to have a 15 days leave because of his deployment lasting longer than 6 months. Well the plan was to combine the two and come home for 25 days total. I was sooooo excited for this to happen because it meant that I would most likely be able to go into labor naturally and wouldn’t have to have an induction. Well as many of you know – nothing is final in the military until it actually happens and Mr. P was unable to get approval for the extra 10 days. At least he gets to come home and meet the baby right? I am so very lucky for that and I won’t complain.

Our doctor’s appointment this week went well. I opted NOT to have an internal exam because they really are painful and I was feeling really good at the time. I was able to speak with the doctor about scheduling an induction again, since we will only have 15 days once Mr. P returns and the doctor seemed more than thrilled. We want to plan for the 30th, because that’s Jacob’s due date and that will give Mr P and I some time without the baby and also a good deal of time with the baby. This is all if Jacob doesn’t decide to make an early entrance!!

I gained a bit of weight over the past week. I’m up 23.8 pounds now, which is good! I’m steadily gaining about a pound a week, which is normal. I get a LOT of comments from guests at work about how I’m so TINY and it’s kind of annoying sometimes. The jacket I wear really does cover a LOT and I look about 5 months pregnant in the jacket. People’s eyes almost bug out of their heads when they realize that I’m 9 months along and full term!! It’s always nice to hear that I’m looking great, but I really get tired of hearing that I’m so SMALL. It makes me wonder if something is wrong, you know? I know we’ve had a completely normal pregnancy and everything has been healthy so far, but it’s always a worry of an expectant mother!

And since I’ve been so bad at posting pictures, here is an extra!! I’ve been lucky enough not to get ANY stretchmarks on my stomach so I thought I’d show it off!



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