38 Weeks


Well only two weeks to go (at the MOST). How insane. Every time I look at the calendar I’m really just amazed at how the last 9 months have flown by. So much has happened and changed and I feel so blessed by it all. I really couldn’t have asked for an easier pregnancy and a better husband to share it with. Even though he’s been half a world away he has been unbelievably supportive and wonderful to me through all of this. It’s been 5 months since he left and we are getting so close to his homecoming.

I am officially on maternity leave at this point. My last day was the 14th of August. I can not tell you how amazing it feels to know that I don’t have to go back to work pregnant. It wasn’t horrible, but by the end of the day my feet and hips were exhausted and I could barely walk. I’m pretty sure I was walking multiple miles in a single night with an extra 25 pounds on me! Dealing with people and remembering things started to get more difficult towards the end. Our bartender noticed that the closer I got to being done, the more impatient I was for my drinks. Ha. I thought that was kind of amusing.

I had my yearly review this past week. We did it early because I will be on leave at the normal time. I had an excellent review. I was given an exceptional rating in all but one or two categories (and in those I was given successful). My boss took the time to express how amazed he’s been with me over the past year. He said this has been my best of all 3 years that I’ve been there. He said that he felt as though I’d really matured and become a even better employee because of the pregnancy and the baby. He was very happy with the progress I’d made. What a great way to end right? I’m definitely going to miss some of the people I work with over the next 12 weeks, but it’s a much needed (and earned, in my opinion) break and I’m excited to get started.

Without working it feels like time has completely stopped. The days go by so slowly. I’ve broken up my to-do list into smaller daily to-do’s to help keep me occupied. Once it gets to about 4pm though I feel like the day has gone on forever and will never end. Between waiting for Jacob and waiting for Mr. P I feel like I’m just stuck in limbo!!!

At our doctor’s appointment this week I did opt for an internal exam. I’m still HIGH and posterior but the OB says I’m between 1 and 2 centimeters! That’s PROGRESS!! It really helps me to know that the braxton hicks contractions (that I’ve been having since around 16 weeks) are actually doing something. Although they aren’t painful or even close to regular, I almost always have 5-10 a day.

I’m still feeling really well. Somedays are lazy days, others are busy. It all just depends on how I feel in the morning and how energetic I am! All of my deep cleaning is done and the house is pretty darn clean! I just have to do a light cleaning before Mr. P gets home.

I got my hair cut this week. I had intended to only get a few inches off, but she ended up taking about 4 off. I cried when I got home because I missed my long hair that I’d spent the last year and a half growing out. But honestly – the shorter hair really suits my face and my personality. I also feel like it makes me look more my age, instead of 16. Plus – it’s easier to care for and looks a little healthier!

Here is a picture of the NEW hair – oh and Jacob too. Compare the picture in the white shirt to this one and you can see that he’s starting to drop! I didn’t notice until I took the picture!

Jacob is still doing well. He’s getting the hiccups ALL THE TIME and stretching into my ribs (and that feels amazing let me tell you). He’s still growing and putting on weight. He should be close to 7 pounds if not a little over by this point and around the same length. I think he’s going to be a long little baby, like his Daddy.

This next week has LOTS of changes and lots of fun stuff coming up!!



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