Our R&R Adventures

>I already posted a little bit about our time together here. Of course that only covered the first two days that he was home!!

So much happened during his leave and I have SO many pictures to share!

We were able to have our first date night in over 6 months. One of our favorite places to go is The Cliff House in Manitou Springs. When we first started dating we went to Mr P’s company Christmas party there and since then we have gone there when we needed to have a romantic evening out! I had been more than excited about our fancy dinner because my pregnant tummy was seriously craving some raspberry souffle!! Here we are before heading out. I was 39 weeks in this picture. I look pretty good if I may say so myself!!

Tuesday afternoon we had a barbeque at Mr. P’s sister’s house. The entire family was there and I was even able to meet Mr. P’s father. We hung out, ate, guessed about when Jacob would arrive (I was having contractions the entire time, mind you) and took family pictures. Mr P spent the morning golfing and neglected his sunscreen. That doesn’t really turn out well for us fair-skinned folk. He’s quite sunburned and still as handsome as ever (I mean check out those arms. Sigh.).

On Thursday afternoon Mr P headed off to Vegas for his best friends bachelor party (I’m the coolest wife ever, I know) and promptly headed home about 12 hours later because I went into full blown labor. But more on that in Jacob’s birth story!

Our son, Jacob James, was born Friday August 27th at 5:39 pm. He was smaller than we expected and weighed in at 6 pounds and 12 ounces. He was long and skinny – 19 3/4 inches to be exact. We spent Friday night and Saturday night in the hospital and headed home Sunday afternoon!

The next few days were spent cuddling on the couch and giggling at Jacob’s little sounds and faces. We were really able to bond and I’m so glad that Mr P was able to spend some quality time with Jacob!

Our Labor day weekend was quite busy, as Mr P’s best friends had planned their wedding for that Friday. We attended the rehearsal dinner on Thursday. It was the first time I’d been away from Jacob and although he was safely home with my Mom it was still a little rough. I texted here most of the time we were at dinner. After dinner we played a few games of beer pong with friends (you can see their house from our deck). Mr P and I had some awesome beginners (since it’d been 9 months for me and 6 for him) luck and won a few games in a row!! I’ve never been very good at that game so it was surprising to both of us.

Friday was an even better day!! Although I was almost late to the wedding (because the boys had asked that Jenna and I get them beer – about 30 minutes before we were supposed to be there) and we had to sit in the back row, the wedding was BEAUTIFUL, as was the Bride! My husband looked amazing in his tux and I couldn’t keep my eyes off of him the entire night!! Here he is posing before the wedding (apparently they had an hour and a half with nothing to do, so they hung out and took pictures!). I can’t complain!

The reception was by far the best reception I’d ever been to. I’m not sure if it’s because we were surrounded by close friends or exactly what it was – but I’ve never had so much fun. Mr P and I danced to all of the silly songs and had a good time just getting to be us for a little while. We worried about Jacob at home, but tried not to call too often. My Mom was amazing and sent us pictures of him regularly.

After the reception, the Bride and Groom allowed everyone in the wedding party to ride in their limo downtown. I hadn’t been downtown for months and it was great to get to be out for a little bit. I didn’t stay very long, but it was still nice.

We continued to celebrate Saturday night with the Bride and Groom. They were staying at the hotel where I work and they wanted to get together for drinks. Mr P and I went over a little early and had dinner and then we were joined by our good friends. We spent the evening drinking (the boys had yards of beer) and enjoying our first outing as married couples! They really are both amazing people and I can’t wait to have more evenings together. And just a side note – all that working out must be paying off because my husbands arms are even bigger than they used to be. I seriously drool over this picture.

So a few days later we had to say goodbye. It was even harder to say goodbye this time. Watching him hold Jacob for the last time just killed me. I knew he would be home in just a few months and we’d made it through the longest part, but I still felt like we were completely starting over. I’d carefully counted down the days until R&R and starting the countdown over again was rough!

And so I’d like to leave you with one final picture that pretty much sums up our R&R. There two people are the most important in my life and I can hardly wait until I get to see my handsome soldier hold our little boy again.



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