Jacob’s Birth Story Part II

>Continued from Jacob’s Birth Story Part I.

The hospital is pretty much on the OTHER side of town (but it was brand new and the only hospital my OB worked out of…so I dealt with it). It took about 25 minutes to get there. We were up in the triage wing by 11:55 and settled into a room shortly there after. I changed into a hospital gown and laid down. I had purchased my own delivery gown, but it was in my suitcase…that was in the car. Oh well.

When the Triage Nurse checked me at noon I was just a little past 3 centimeters. All of those contractions since Wednesday and hardly any change. I wasn’t feeling too great at that point. She wanted to give me an hour on the monitor to see if there was any change. She could tell I was in labor and wouldn’t be going home, but you still have to go through an hour in Triage.

During that time I had a really hard time relaxing during the contractions. I tried laying down on my side and my hips were just really tight. I was trying to use all of my yoga breathing techniques and they weren’t helping. I just couldn’t relax my hips and back. I was having horrible back labor and was feeling 90% of the pain in my back. By about 12:30 I started to feel really, really nauseated at the end of each contraction. I actually started throwing up (so much for breakfast) after every contraction. By that point I was walking in circles during the contractions and it really didn’t seem like that was helping.

Mr. P called from DIA about 12:30 (he called while I was throwing up for the first time). My Mom answered the phone and Mr P let her know that he’d decided to take a cab from DIA to the Colorado Springs Airport. I found out later that he’d decided on a cab instead of the flight down because being on the airplane was making him sick (guess that’s what happens when you’re up drinking all night in Vegas!!). I’m pretty glad he decided on the cab though. In the end it was a good thing!

The nurse checked me again at 1 and I was at 5 centimeters. I’d gone from 3 to 5 in an hour. She contacted my doctor (who was actually the on call doctor for the weekend) and he said it was time to admit me! At that point they were waiting for a room to be prepared, so I didn’t leave triage for another hour. During that time I finally figured out something that helped me manage the back pain a little better. If I sat on the edge of the bed, put my hands on either side of my hips and rocked side to side I was able to enter a bit of a trance and make it through the contraction. My Mom sat next to me and let me know when each contraction had peaked and reminded me to BREATHE.

By the end of that second hour in Triage I’d decided I wanted an epidural. I had prepared for the possibility of a natural labor, but knew that in the end I would probably end up with an epidural and honestly I’m glad I got one. But anyways. The nurse had informed me that once I was in a L&D room they could call the anesthesiologist. My L&D nurse came to pick me up around 2. I was freezing, pale and pretty miserable when she arrived. I had two heated blankets on me and I was still pretty cold and pale. She commented later that I looked so much happier and better after the epidural.

I was transferred to my new room and the anesthesiologist arrived shortly after that. It really is true what everyone says. At that point in labor the man with the drugs is really the most attractive man ever. And I was able to tell him that in between contractions! At least I hadn’t lost my sense of humor!! He got to work pretty quickly and it seemed like once he had the catheter in my back I was already feeling pain relief. I only had to sit through a few contractions and I managed. It was worth it.

After that I felt absolutely AMAZING. My nurse, Nicole, was also pregnant and we chatted with her for a little bit. Mr P arrived around 3:15 and boy was I glad to see him! I really didn’t want him to miss the birth. He looked pretty tired and rough, but he was amazing through the entire thing. I’m pretty sure he showed up with Chick-Fil-A too. YUM. Too bad I couldn’t have any!

Our OB periodically checked in with me and at one point when the fetal monitor moved he was in the room within a minute to make sure everything was okay. That made me feel really safe.

Around 3:30 I started to feel pain in my back again. It was dull, like the cramps that I get during my period. I pressed the magic button that administers more pain medication and it really didn’t help. Over the next 45 minutes the pain in my back got stronger and stronger (and I started feeling pain in the front as well) so I asked my nurse about it. She had the anesthesiologist come back and check things out. He arrived about 4:30 (I was at 9 centimeters when he came back) and I was pretty uncomfortable. He gave me two options – 1. I could continue without medication or 2. He could re-insert the catheter, but there was a chance that I would end up with a spinal headache. I went for a new catheter and was fine with that. I didn’t have any headaches anyways.

I was in a lot of pain trying to get through a contraction when the first epidural wore off.

Mr P’s Mom arrived around 4:30 and I was still in a pretty good mood when she arrived. Mr P held my hands this time while I got a new epidural. He’s not a big fan of needles and I’m so glad he didn’t pass out on me. Of course he couldn’t really see anything going on, but still. The epidural started to kick in pretty quickly. Unfortunately it was really only helping with the pain in the front. It did dull the back pain a bit (to the point where it was manageable), but not completely.

My OB decided it was time to break my water when I was at 9 centimeters and there was a ton of THICK meconium in it. He called the NICU and alerted them, so that they would be present in the room. Unfortunately the meconium meant that I wouldn’t be able to have Jacob on my stomach right after his birth. The OB was really concerned about him inhaling it.

After I was all settled again the nurse checked me and I was at 10 centimeters!!! WOW. I’d gone from 6 centimeters at 2:00 to 10 centimeters at 5:00. She had me do a few practice pushes to see how things were looking before she called in the doctor. I pushed twice and she knew it was time. The doctor literally walked through the door as she was leaving to call him.

At that point things started to get a little hectic and there were people in and out getting things ready. Honestly, I felt so much more relaxed than I expected to. I expected to be nervous and anxious, but I was relaxed and ready to meet Jacob. My nurse had given me some extra oxygen to help keep Jacob’s heart rate where it should be.

Getting ready to push!
My amazing Mum and I!

Our last belly picture ever!


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