Jacob’s Birth Story Part III


Continued from Jacob’s Birth Story Part I and Jacob’s Birth Story Part II.

At 5:15 I started pushing. I had my Mom on my right, my mother in law on my left and Mr P behind me rubbing my shoulders (and holding my hand in between contractions). All three of them were cheering me on and it was so amazing to have them all there. I know a lot of women only want their significant others in the room, but I really don’t think I could have done it without my Mom and mother in law there with me. I was so thankful for both of their support and I’m so happy they both got to be there for Jacob’s birth.

I pushed for 25 minutes before he was born. At 5:39 he made his entrance into the world! The OB quickly cut his cord and rushed him over to the NICU nurses. He didn’t cry right away (which was good) but once he started crying I remember thinking to myself that it was the most beautiful sound I’d ever heard. It brought tears to my eyes to hear him cry. It was over (or really – just beginning).
They spent a good 20 minutes (maybe longer) cleaning him up and getting all of the fluid and meconium out of his nose, mouth and ears. Mr P mentioned later that there was meconium coming out of his ears. Poor baby. Luckily – he did not inhale any so he didn’t have to go to the NICU. Thank goodness. 
The nurses did mention how well endowed he is… Mr P is very happy about that!!
I still get this face every time he wakes up from a nap!
He was holding Daddy’s finger at 10 minutes old. Mr P was surprised at how strong he was.
Mr. P ended up cutting the cord after the nurse made a comment about him being a soldier! Something about how he could handle it if he was a soldier. He said it was much tougher than he expected. 
While everyone was fussing over Jacob I was getting stitched up. I did tear in two different places because he crowned in one push and the OB was unable to assist me enough to stop it. I had a 2nd degree tear on the bottom and a 1st degree tear on the top. It did take him a while to stitch me up though.
Once all of that was done I was finally able to hold my son. It was the most amazing feeling to finally get to look into his little face. It was truly love at first sight. It was this little creature that had been kicking me for all of those months. I’d grown so close to him when he was inside that it was amazing to be able to finally see how beautiful he truly was. It was 20 minutes of my life that I will never forget.
Looking back on it I feel like I had an amazing birth experience. Despite the fact that it was a little dramatic (with Vegas and whatnot) it was still perfect. It went much more quickly than I expected even though it lasted 13 hours. I had expected to be waiting and waiting in the hospital and that was not the case. Although it was labor and delivery I enjoyed every second of it and I love to go back and look through the pictures to relive it. 
It all ended with the most amazing gift in the world and it made all of the pain (what little I had) and the 9 months of waiting worthwhile. I still cannot believe that such a perfect little human grew inside of me from basically nothing. I can’t believe he was once the size of a poppy seed. It amazes me that this little person is a piece of both Mr P and I. We created him and every day when I look at his perfect face I am reminded of that. I see so much of both of us in him. I am so looking forward to watching him grow into a little boy, a teenager, husband and father, but for now I’m completely and utterly in love with my little baby boy.



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