Our Hospital Stay & Coming Home

>Honestly, I had one of the best experiences in the hospital. Both Mr P and I were so pleased with all of the nurses and staff. We never once felt forgotten or uncared for. All of our nurses were great. My favorite was our L&D nurse, Nicole and the night nurse (that Mr P never met – he slept the whole time), Jackie. She had so much useful information for me and was constantly checking to make sure we were alright. I’m pretty sure every time she peeked her head in during the night I was awake and feeding Jacob.

I really didn’t sleep much during our stay in the hospital. Probably 3-4 hours each night, if that. The second night Jacob did spend some time in the nursery because I was exhausted, but because he’s such a hungry little boy he was back in our room within 2 hours! He literally nursed all night for both of the nights that we were in the hospital. It turned out to be very beneficial because my milk came in 48 hours after he was born!

I was able to meet with a lactation specialist both days and I’d HIGHLY recommend that anyone who is planning to breastfeed do the same, if it’s available. She had some GREAT information for me and was very encouraging. She helped to correct his latch right away and since then we haven’t had much difficulty (other than the initial pain and engorgement). La Leche League has a list of lactation consultants in various areas – check it out and don’t be hesitant to call!

The first day we were in the hospital we had a TON of visitors. My entire family from Denver came to see us as well as three of my good friends from work! Mr P’s Mom and Sister also stopped by later in the day (and even brought an awesome Broncos balloon for Jacob!). I was so amazed and thankful that everyone made the trip to welcome little Jacob into the world. He is a much loved little man.

Gramps and Grannie
My sister, niece and nephew.
A look at all of the family and friends gathered in our room.
More family and friends admiring Jacob.
Nana is glowing!!

Everyone pretty much showed up at the same time, so we were able to spend the morning and the evening just relaxing and hanging out together. We watched a lot of high school football and ESPN. We went to bed super early both nights which turned out to be a good thing! Mr P changed almost every single diaper while we were there and was great in helping me with Jacob the entire time!

Sunday was much busier than Saturday. We were both anxious about getting home so we were up early packing and getting ready! We attended a discharge class required by the hospital (that actually had some good information) and shortly thereafter we were on our way home!
Dressed and ready to go!
Bundled up in his car seat!
Mom and Jacob waiting to leave!

Of course once we got him all ready to go and all the bags had been taken to the car (including the diaper bag) Jacob decided to create the dirtiest and smelliest diaper yet. We had to go ask the nursery for more diapers and wipes so we could be on our way. I guess thats how it goes with a baby though!

When we got home we discovered that my Mom had taken the time to decorate for our arrival (and we were both completely surprised!!!). She’d even given us new towels as a gift. I’m so glad she was able to be there with me and to help afterwards. Thanks Mum!!!

We got a few things put away and sat down to relax. It was scary to be home and relaxing at the same time. Our couch is sooooo much more comfortable than that horrible hospital bed. It was obvious that Jacob was much more comfortable and relaxed at home too. He slept quite well that afternoon – mostly on Daddy’s chest!
Like I said – coming home was quite scary. It was like we realized that we were completely and 100% responsible for this little tiny human. He needed (and still does) us for everything and couldn’t survive without our care and love. It’s pretty intimidating when you realize that and when you realize that your life is completely different.
Even though Jacob is our unexpected little miracle we were more than thrilled to have him home with us and in our lives. I’m totally looking forward to being a Little Boy Mama! Yay for dinos, bugs and football!



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