I Believe…

>One of my favorite blogs to read is Exploits of a Military Mama – and just like every blog I follow, it’s secretly! I found it when I was just a few months pregnant and I’ve been hooked ever since. Our stories are very similar (with a baby and deployment all at once) and I’ve always been able to relate. Plus – I’ve never learned so much about cloth diapering! And even though we’re only using prefolds I’m inspired by the numerous reviews.

So I wanted to join in one something she started recently – I Believe… Check out her blog and add it to your follow list because she’s an amazing writer!!! I’ll be posting these often, so look for my random jumbled thoughts!

Here we go!!

I believe…

…. in saying I Love You every time I talk to someone I love, because you never know when it’ll be your last chance.

… in forgiveness and second chances.

… that home is where you make it.

… that nothing smells better than my baby boy – even when he’s stinky!

… in always trusting my instincts, especially since I’ve become a mother. The “mommy intuition” has kicked in full force over the last 10 months. I knew Jacob was a boy from the beginning, I knew when real labor had started and Mr P needed to come home and I know when Jacob is feeling sick or something is just off. Sometimes my intuition amazes even me.

… that life really does change as soon as you bring a child into the world – but it changes for the better. I cannot even express how much I love this face…

… that Liar Liar really shouldn’t be on ABC Family. Does anyone else think it’s a little too adult for a family channel? They’re going to cut out all of the funny parts!

… a good glass of wine can fix anything… at least temporarily.

… you really can function off of less than 5 hours of sleep a night.

… that 80’s fashion should stay in the 80’s.

… I will always love Colorado. There is nothing more perfect than a cloudless Colorado day followed by a quiet Colorado evening. Colorado will always be my home.

… the Denver Bronco’s are the best team in the NFL, even when they suck.

… in loving someone with your entire heart and without fear of getting hurt.

… in myself. I am so much stronger than I ever knew and it’s taken a deployment for me to realize it.



3 responses to “I Believe…

  1. >You're so right with all of it…and I so believe a glass of wine fixes most everything!And I'm so glad you joined me. Your little one is adorable!!!

  2. >It really does fix it all!!! At least until the morning. Haha. I've been following for months…well lurking, really. I'm glad you posted the Link Up! I've been thinking about doing some I belive posts and it was the perfect chance!

  3. >Found you from the I Believe blog hop and I'm your newest follower. I'm with you on the wine thing, its my go to mommy "bandaid".

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