1 Month


My Little Jacob,

I cannot believe you are one month old today. I feel like it was just days ago that Daddy was rushing home from Las Vegas to meet me at the hospital and welcome you into the world. It truly amazes me that we have been your parents for a whole month! The days have flown by with you here. You have grown from an itty-bitty, tiny, little boy into a little man and I’m amazed at how much you’ve changed and grown already.

Every day you remind me even more of Daddy. You make the same facial expressions (especially when you’re waking up) and some of the same little sounds. Even though you’re a perfect blend of the two of us I see so much of him in you!

It has been such a busy month for you! Here is what you’ve been up to in the last month:

  • As of 5 days ago you weigh 9 pounds and 5 ounces!! You amaze your doctor every time we go in. You’ve gone from the 10th percentile (at birth) to the 55th percentile. WOW! Keeping growing Jacob, Daddy wants you to be a football player!
  • You had already grown almost 2 inches at your two week check-up (19 3/4 inches to 21 1/2 inches). I bet you’ve grown another 1 to 2 inches since then.
  • You’ve outgrown the newborn outfits we bought for you, but you are still a little small for your 0-3 month outfits. They fit but they’re a little long!
  • You ventured out of the house for your first doctor’s appointment where we found out you were perfect and healthy (and the murmur the on-call pediatrician heard was gone). 
  • You went on your first walk in the park with me and Gram. You slept the entire time!
  • You have become the master of hiccups. You get them at least twice a day and for the most part you don’t mind. I think they hurt a little bit when your reflux is acting up.
  • You had your first overnight trip to visit Gramps and Grannie and your aunts, uncles and cousins in Denver. You celebrated Bella’s (your cousin) second birthday at Aunt Theresa’s house!
  • You’ve been to dinner at Nana’s house twice and you were perfect both times! You even let Jeffery hold you.
  • Your voice has gotten a whole lot louder. You can definitely let me know when I’m not moving fast enough for you or when your hungry tummy is growling.
  • You’ve gained pretty good control of your head! You can hold it up by yourself while you’re propped up on my shoulder or sitting on my lap. You even fight me when I try to hold your head to burp you.
  • You’ve mastered breastfeeding! Although it was rough in the beginning (you stopped breathing the very first time) you’ve gotten pretty good at it. We love to cuddle afterwards as you start to fall asleep. You make the cutest faces and even smile a little bit while you’re falling asleep on my chest.
  • Sleep is still here and there. You’re awake a lot more during the day. You rarely sleep more than 2 1/2 hours in a row at night. You usually sleep for an hour and a half before your growling tummy wakes you up.
  • You follow objects with your eyes and when you’re awake you will spend time looking at all of the different shapes and shadows you can see.
  • You’ve already had pink eye once! Gram and I spent labor day in the hospital with you so you could get some medicine.
  • You’re battling reflux. It hurts me so much to see you in pain after you eat. We are doing everything we can to help your pain go away and it seems to be working. You are back to being a happy baby!
  • You’re just about to smile back at me. I think I got a real one from you today! I’m patiently waiting for your first laugh!
I told you it was a busy month, but it’s over and we are on to bigger and better things in your second month. We only have two more months until Daddy will be home to watch you grow and change! I can only guess and wonder what the next month of your life will bring. You’ve already brought so much happiness, love and laughter into this home and I know you will continue to do so throughout the rest of your life. You already amaze me in every way possible, little one. I love you, my sweet, precious Jacob.



One response to “1 Month

  1. >Awe he's getting so big lol. He's so precious I can't believe how fast time goes by.

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