Day 1 {Introduction}

>So like I said a few days ago – I’m joining Brandi at Excess Baggage in a 30 Days of Me! Here we go!!!

Writing about yourself always seems to be the hardest thing to do. There are so many things to share how do you pinpoint the most important bits and pieces?

My cousin and I at the beach house.

So to start, I’ll be 23 this month. I grew up in Colorado and I spent the majority of that time on a ranch on the plains with over 20 horses and anywhere from 6 to 60 cashmere goats. I was raised as a country girl and I’m still one at heart. I feel most comfortable in jeans and a tank.

I spent two years at a small (meaning less than 2500 students) college deep in the mountains of Colorado. It was cold and brutal during the winter but totally worth it. The first year I was there is was BELOW zero for a good 5-6 weeks. I think I saw the thermometer his -40 degrees. Looking back on those two year I’ve realized how much fun I had and that the snow and cold were made bearable by the friends I’d met.

I cheered throughout high school and my two years at college and that peppy attitude is still engrained in my lifestyle. I’m an optimist by nature and sometimes to a fault. I’m ALWAYS looking for the good in a situation. I think that type of attitude can be magnetic.

From my Senior Year.

I work at a 5 Star/5 Diamond resort and I love every single minute of it (okay, not every minute, but most of them). I’ve built relationships with some of our regular guests and it is an amazing feeling when they return a year later and look forward to seeing me! My job has made me an extrovert, but I’d much rather cuddle up on the couch at home with Mr P and watch movies. I love the quiet time.

I’ve learned a ton about wine and spirits and would like to continue to do so in the future. I’ve actually taken the Introductory Sommelier exam through the Court of Master Sommelier’s and had planned to take the second level in May of 2010, but obviously God had other plans for me at the time (hence the one month old baby…).

I met my husband in October of 2008 and we have been together ever since. It didn’t take long for either of us to realize that we’d finally met the right person but it DID take us a long time to share those feelings (and for once in my life I wasn’t in a rush to do so). I’d always known that he loved me but it took us over a year to actually say it! About 2 months later we found out about the little one (commonly known as Dectron 7, until we found out he was a boy – sometime I’ll tell you all where it came from). Mr P proposed on February 11th and we were married 6 days later on February 17th. In August our little Jacob was born.

I’m a perfectionist and a planner. I’m detail oriented and hate when things go wrong. I have goals but I haven’t quite figured out how to get there yet. I’m not the best cook in the world and I occasionally burn things (like breaded pork chops), but I try (and Mr P still eats it). I have a lot of close friends but not really a “best” friend. I will always be a Broncos fan, even when they’re not so good. I’m obsessed with Charmed and Lost. I can easily get caught up in a book and spend the entire weekend reading. Most importantly – I’m a friend, sister, daughter, mother and wife and I LOVE being Mrs. P.



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