Day 3 {Your Parents}

>I think I have pretty amazing parents. They are kind and caring and pretty darn understanding.

They met on a blind date set up by a mutual friend in June of 1986. My Dad proposed on my Mom’s birthday at the end of July and a month later they were married. They’d know each other for a whole 3 months by the time they were married and they lasted for NINETEEN years. I have to say that’s pretty amazing and kind of an inspiration for me, even though they aren’t together now.

Its creepy how much Jacob looks like me.

I was a Daddy’s girl when I was younger. Between the ages of 7 and 10 my Dad and I hiked 24 of the 54 Fourteeners in Colorado. 24 mountains OVER the elevation of 14,000 feet. WOW. I still amaze myself. Those are the days that I remember the most with my Dad. We had this mix tape that we used to listen to over and over to the point where we knew all of the words and the order of the songs. To this day when I hear one of the songs off of that tape I can tell you what song is supposed to come next. It had all sorts of interesting songs – like ‘Grandma’s Feather Bed’ by John Denver, ‘What’s Love Got to do with it?’ by Tina Turner and ‘Brown Eyed Girl’. I truly cherish those memories.

My Mom and I had the horse thing that we shared. She has loved horses since before she can remember and growing up I spent the evenings at the barn with my Mom (eating apples, carrots, peppermints and sugar cubes). We always joke that I was riding before I was born. She rode up until she was 9 months pregnant with me. I think I was on a horse for the first time when I was two and I literally grew up at the barn and on the back of our horses.

I was into this sport called Vaulting when I was younger. It’s basically gymnastics on horseback. My Mom got involved in my club and was our lounger. For quite a few years I was pretty active in it and we traveled all over Colorado and even to Sacramento to compete and give exhibitions.

Yes that’s me. And I came up to that horse’s shoulder at the time.

I was grounded once in my entire life. For a whole month. And during that time I got caught sneaking out. I used to open my window (it didn’t have a screen) and go out the window, around the back of the garage, and down the driveway to meet up with friends. We never did anything bad. I never once had a sip of alcohol or a puff of a cigarette when I snuck out. We just liked to go watch movies and drive around. I did it quite a few times before I ever got caught. Well one November evening I went out in the snow. Bad idea. It didn’t snow quite enough to cover my tracks and when my Dad left for work that morning there was a perfect trail straight to my bedroom window. My parents thought it was HILARIOUS. Of course I got a little lecture at the dinner table that night but it was all my Dad could do to keep from laughing at my stupidity for going out in the snow.

Sure, I had my moments where I hated them, but I can count them on one hand. Things always seemed worse when I was in the moment than when I look back on it too. They never were “horrible” like teens seem to think and I really didn’t get yelled at that often. I was raised really well and as far as I’m concerned I’m the woman that I am because of the way that my parents raised me! There are things that I will do differently with Jacob, but for the most part my parents and the way that I was raised have been the inspiration for the kind of parent that I would like to be to Jacob.



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