Day 4 {What you ate today}

>Today was actually a pretty boring day in terms of what I ate! I ended up going to work for a night (more on that later) so I wasn’t snacking too much.

I started my morning with the Apple Crumb Pie I’d made the night before. I decided at 4pm that I REALLY wanted apple pie. I had a ton of granny smith apples that were getting ready to turn and a frozen pie crust in the freezer. I was NOT in the mood to try and make a crust from scratch with a 1 month old. That just sounds like a disaster. So I decided to put a nice crumb topping (with some oats in it) on the pie instead. And let me just say that it was DELICIOUS!! Apple pie may just be my new favorite thing to make! And don’t judge me for eating apple pie for breakfast. For some reason it seems like the PERFECT breakfast foods. I always have pie in the mornings!! YUM.

For lunch I had ravioli from Costco and Prego spaghetti sauce. Boring. We used up the last of my homemade spaghetti sauce while Mr P and my Mom were in town a month ago, so I was stuck with spaghetti sauce from the jar. Still pretty good though!!!

Dinner was by far the worst part of my day. Unfortunately our cafe at work isn’t the best in the world. I had some tater tots, corn, coleslaw and a hamburger pasta dish. I really don’t even know how to describe the pasta. It was kind of like macaroni lasagna. Not horrible but not the best either. It was kinda dry and you could tell it was sitting under the heat lamps for a little too long. Ew. But it was all they had and I was STARVING, so pasta it was!

It definitely was one of my more BORING days in terms of food. Too bad, right? Oh well – the next time!!



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