Mastering Mommyhood Monday


Last Wednesday, Jacob and I had a rough morning that was COMPLETELY the inspiration for my new feature day – ‘Mastering Mommyhood Mondays’!!! It’s going to be full of random tidbits and pieces of advice that I’ve learned from my own (short) journey through Mommyhood.

Tips for Mastering Mommyhood:

  • First of all – don’t change the baby’s diaper on your bed. Bad idea.
  • Second – don’t change the baby’s diaper (especially a boy) without anything to cover him up with within arms reach – just because he hasn’t peed all over you in weeks and you think he’s not one of ‘THOSE‘ little boys.
  • Third – once he’s peed all over his own head and gotten it in his hair and you realize he needs a bath, don’t leave him uncovered and without a diaper in the middle of your bed while you run around and get the bath ready.
  • Fourth – don’t think that because he JUST peed that he won’t do it again. Or that he wont poop again either, for that matter. Because in the 30 seconds that you’re gone he will inevitably do BOTH – without a diaper, remember?
  • Fifth and most importantly – when you’re 6 months pregnant and shopping for new bed linen don’t for a second think that its a good idea to buy a comforter that is dry clean only.



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