Day 5 {Your Definition of LoveDay}

>I am just as confused as everyone else about what a ‘LoveDay’ is. I honestly have NO clue. But I’m going to assume it means a day that is full of love. Maybe? Well everyone has those typical days full of love – getting engaged, getting married, having a baby – but that’s just too obvious. Sure those day’s were some of the happiest and most love-filled days in my life. But when I think about a day that I felt truly IN LOVE it’s much more simple.

A few June’s ago Mr P and I took a random trip to Las Vegas. We had been having difficulties in our relationship and we both thought it would be good to get away for a bit. So we booked the trip and left about a week later, just the two of us. We stayed at the Luxor for $50 a night! We were almost at the top of the pyramid!

Looking down from just outside our room!

A few days before we left Mr P started to feel a little sick and was doing everything he could to ward off the cold that was coming on. We spent our first day gambling and drinking. We played blackjack and roulette. I actually put $20 into a Rapid Roulette machine and ended up working my way all the way up to $100 with $5 bets on red or black. Pretty impressive right? Well I cashed out and we ventured to another casino. I gave Mr P my $100 and he lost ALL of it. He’s a great poker player and generally pretty good at gambling, but not with my money. But that’s not the point of the story….

Well the second day that we were there Mr P woke up feeling AWFUL. The drinking the day before definitely hadn’t helped with his cold. So what did we do? We ordered room service and just hung out. We spent ALL day cuddled up in bed watching comedy central and laughing at stupid little things!

We ended up with a lot of little inside jokes from that trip.At one point we were told that all of the windows of the pyramid were periodically cleaned by an automatic window washer. I was hanging out by the window and noticed that there were all sorts of little water droplets on the window, but they seemed to be in almost perfect rows and columns. I was CONVINCED that the window washer had come by. It took a lot of work before Mr P finally convinced me that it was rain on the window and NOT the automatic window washer. For weeks afterwards whenever it would rain we joked that the automatic window washer had followed us home from Las Vegas!

I don’t think I’ve ever had a better day in Vegas than the one that was spent curled up watching tv in bed with Mr P. We had such a great time together and we completely reconnected. All of the worries and troubles that we’d been dealing with just disappeared and we were us again. That little hotel room was kind of our sanctuary for a day and allowed us to remember why we were together and why we were in love. Looking back on it now it’s one of the most perfect days we ever had and one of the days where I just KNEW that we were going to be together.

It was the perfect example of what I would consider a LoveDay and I only hope to have many, MANY more days like that in the future.



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