Day 6 {Your day}

>Today has been a great day. Honestly, truly. It was one of the more interesting days I’ve had in a really, REALLY long time.

I got out of the house. I was brave and I went to a meeting for a group that I was referred to on One of my local friends who’s significant other is in the military mentioned this website and the group so I checked it out and I thought it sounded interesting. They do a LOT of volunteer work along with other meets ups, both with children and without. I decided to go since Mr P and I really only have one  or two friends with children. No one that I work with has kids. I’m pretty much on my own in that situation. And honestly I really don’t have a best, BEST friend and I’m kind of looking for someone who is feeling the same way.

So I went. I drug myself out of the house at 9:30. And this was after I had to completely strip our bed. Again. For some reason my son just has a thing for going on our bed. And no, I wasn’t changing him this time. He was EATING, for pete’s sake, and he just decided to let it all out at once and completely blow out his diaper, all over me and the bed. It. Was. Amazing…. Note the sarcasm. Of course this was just after his bath too.

So anyways, after our morning adventure we made the long drive all the way over to Powers. I had seriously debated NOT going to this meet up. I’m not the most outgoing person and I’m pretty darn shy. I just don’t know what to talk to people about! I debated turning back the entire drive and when I got there I sat in my car for a second and seriously considered turning it back on and leaving. But I didn’t. And I am SO glad that I went inside!

It was a little awkward at first, but I eventually started chatting with two other new members. Both of them have children. One actually has a little boy that’s only 6 days older than Jacob! The other has a 14 month old daughter. She’s a photographer and offered to do a session of Jacob and I for free! We haven’t had his picture professionally taken yet so I’m going to take her up on the offer sometime soon! I’m really excited to get to know both of them in the future. I hope we are able to continue to bump into each other at meet ups!

Afterwards we came home and Jacob went down for a nap. I spent the afternoon catching up on all of the tv shows that are on our DVR. Mr P’s shows are taking up like, 70% of our storage. He has so many to watch when he comes home!! I have found a new love of The Biggest Loser. I never thought it sounded interesting until this year and I’m so glad I’m watching it. It’s actually REALLY inspiring!!

I spent the evening at our good friends house across the parking lot! They invited me over for dinner and it was amazing as always. They’re little girl Kamryn is beautiful and such a sweet heart. She spent 2 hours saying “Hi Jacob!” and waving at him. She doesn’t quite understand why he can’t say hi back yet. Right before I decided to head out the door Mr P called. He was able to talk to Kam for a bit (he’s like an uncle to her). She really misses him while he’s away and she calls him on her play phone all the time and asks if he wants a cookie. How adorable!!

So today was a fantastic day! Jacob was such a good boy! He hardly cried at all today and took a few decent naps. Getting him down to bed tonight was even easier! Hopefully he will sleep really well tonight!



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  1. >This post makes me smile. =)

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