Day 7 {Your Best Friend}

>This is going to be a hard post for me, because I’ve never really had a life-long best friend. I’ve had best friends for a year or two and then things have changed and we’ve grown apart. That seems to be how it goes. I have a lot of close friends, but I really don’t have one friend that I go to for everything (other than my husband and my Mom ).

We were known as the ‘Dynamic Six’… You can laugh now.

In high school I was close with a lot of people. There were 6 of us girls that were really close and always hanging out. Sure, we hung out in smaller groups a lot, but the 6 of us were best friends. I’ve only seen one of them since graduation and we didn’t walk away on good terms. Honestly, after graduation we all really grew apart. I was the odd one who went to school in the middle of nowhere, instead Ft. Collins, Boulder or Denver. I guess we all kind of just lost contact and that’s how high school friends go, I suppose.

This was at our Homecoming Bonfire!

In college I immediately bonded with a fellow cheerleader, Miss Kimmy!! We were friends throughout my freshmen year (she was a year ahead) and my sophomore year we ended up getting an apartment together! It was so amazing to finally have a best girl friend! I’d always wanted to live with another girl (I didn’t have a roommate) and we had a TON of fun. We played too much beer pong and Dance Dance Revolution and laughed at way too many inside jokes. She was there when my relationships ended and helped me move on. We went to Las Vegas for Cheerleading Nationals twice. And then I moved to Colorado Springs and although we still talk, we are not nearly as close as we once were. She now lives in Denver and I’ve seen her a few times. I’m secretly hoping that her husband will get a job in the Springs and they’ll move down here.

I made another close friend in college. I moved up to school a few weeks before everyone else because I was starting cheerleading practice early. I was already moved into my room, so when the rest of my floormates were moving in I left my door open and who should wander in but Jeremiah. We started chatting and discovered that he’d played football at one of the high schools in the same league as my high school. He’d actually been the one who had taken out our first, second and third string QB’s in one game my senior year. I also found out that he’d done a bit of cheerleading in high school and recruited him to join us! From that point on we were pretty close. We were stunting partners and best friends! He lived three doors down from me and all it took was me peeking my head out and yelling “JER!!!” and he would be there in an instant. We tried the whole dating thing and after that we really grew apart, especially when I moved to Colorado Springs. We’ve talked a few times since then, but we are on different paths now and unfortunately its just not the same.

Since I’ve been in Colorado Springs I’ve made friends and met a lot of people but never grown really close with anyone. I talk to people at work but hardly ever outside of work. I met Mr P through a work friend and her boyfriend at the time (who is one of Mr P’s best friends) and I’m so thankful for that! Mr P is my best friend. I know I can tell him anything! He is absolutely amazing in every single way, but it’s not the same…

I am a firm believer in having friends outside of your marriage. I think it’s really important! I suppose its just never been the right time. I haven’t met that one friend who is at the same point in life as I am just yet. I haven’t met anyone that I’ve clicked with and who is looking for a friend. I’m pretty sure it will happen sometime, it just takes a little more effort. Sometimes it’s disheartening, because I wonder what’s wrong with me and wonder why I can’t seem to keep a best friend, but I know there is another mother and wife my age who’s looking for a best friend, just like me. Awwww.



One response to “Day 7 {Your Best Friend}

  1. >Um, I have to admit reading this post was just a little creepy. I've had pretty much the same thing… Close high school friends, then drift apart. Close college friends, then drift apart… Married my best friend (of 10 years) but haven't really found that girl friend at the same stage in life as me that we can read eachother with just a look or be goofy and not care. I must say, I'm looking forward to getting to know you better! =)

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